Extracts from the Present

For many contemporary artists, particularly fine art photographers, the modern age is a principal source of inspiration for their work. Rather than looking to the past, they are influenced by elements of the present, whether modern technology, visual culture, events, destinations, or the natural world

With the invention of the camera in the 1800s, it became possible to capture images of the world without the need for paint. Since then, artists have experimented with photography and explored the boundaries of the medium. Many artists today use photography to capture moments of their lived experience and the world around them, whether candid or staged. To reflect the diversity of this genre, Artsper has curated a selection of artworks that capture moments of the contemporary world covering a wide range of subjects and approaches. 

Pierre Schwartz uses nature and people as the subject for his photographic works, dedicating a large portion of his work to the beauty of animals. Anna Levesh's urban shots and portraits push the limits of the medium by experimenting with framing, color, motion blur, and other visual effects. Join us today, as we explore the wonders of the modern world with these contemporary artists among many others!

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