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Sébastien Layral

France Born in: 1972
Layral is one of the artists that have been recently discovered by the Saatchi Gallery. Born in Rodez, France in 1972, Sébastien Layral studied at the Beaux-Arts School in Toulouse. After completing his studies, he worked in a center for children with autism where he organized artistic workshops.

He worked at the center for two years and in 1998 he started working as an independent artist. Since the beginning of the development of his practice, the artist has been working with portraits in various forms. At first he used to cut pictures of models from magazines, as their image represents the cliché of the feminine ideal. He cuts the bodies, glues them on the canvas, and replaces the faces with his own painted face. He uses various formats (from 14 x18 cm to 120 x 200 cm) and some are presented in the form of textbooks. By this process, he begins to represent the interaction in his work, and this research is ongoing in his practice.

End 1999, Sébastien Layral was invited by a French patron to produce an exhibition at the Manor Saint-Félix in Rodez (12). He presented self-portraits on canvas. This theme becomes an essential support for his reflection on the portrait, as an emphasis on the link between portrait and self-portrait, between the artist and his model.
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