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Bruno Catalano

France Born in: 1960 Emerging artists

Born in 1960 in Marseilles, Bruno Catalano knew how to express his creative energy into art since his youth. A self-taught artist, very sensitive to human beings and their issues, Bruno Catalano gives form to his ideas and feelings in original and unique sculpture.

The universal theme of travel and unknown destination inspires Bruno Catalano. If Bruno Catalano's first works are compact and conventional, the series which follow become more expressive and refined. These astonishing works, with their cut bodies and their lack of volume, invite the viewer to mentaly reconstitute their limits.

This way, Van Gogh is still alive, his suitcase in his hand, heading toward the Provence countryside, but in a quasi abstract lightness, open to the wind and light. Is it not our destinity that Bruno Catalano tries to make us see and meditate upon?

Through his sculptures Bruno Catalano re-enacts the adventure of the human species, always between two riverbanks, repelling all borders. When we travel, we leave parts of us in the places we go, our vibrations, sounds, words don't get lost into space, they stay in those places. The places take from us parts of our lives and souls.

It was a challenge for Bruno Catalano to get this effect and construct solid and balanced bronze sculptures, but his stunning creations manage to translate these ideas.

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