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Bluzot Philippe

France Born in: 1959
An astonishing artist, Philippe Bluzot was born in 1959 in Montluçon (Allier). He graduated at Ecole de Boulle in 1979, he spent time in JP Le Boul’ch's studio, the painter. The artist is represented by Parisian galleries today.

The artist draws inspiration from Vermeer, Chardin, Balthus or even Rothko to depict everyday life. In 1981, Philippe Bluzot made a contribution to the « Poudre d’or » association with Jérôme Mesnager, one of the first street painters. They share this passion to highlight forgotten beings.

His paintings are unsettling due to its reality, they flirt around with photographic illusion, without actually being hyper-realist. Especially since the painter offers a mirror of our life or a life that one is determined to conceal(death, life in the street...)Ordinary scenes are portrayed in a sensitive manner. The artist says "It's about re-constructing a sensitive space, where the hand's role, usage of pigments, composition, values, quest for materials are all important questions, just like investigating appearances of the world in which we are immersed. I rub against this reality and try to reveal or trigger a presence due to visual power, in order to titillate the look".

The artist began by collaborating during an exhibition at the Avignon festival and these multiplied: Montrouge fair (1982), galerie Orsel in Paris (1983), atelier de Ménilmontant (1999), salon d’Automne (2002)…His work is present during major contemporary art occasions like the Art Fair in London.
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