Photo Overlay

The medium of photography has come a long way since its invention in the 1800s. While it used to be seen as a way to capture the objective world around us, its function has shifted throughout the decades. It is now considered as legitimate a form of art as painting and sculpture, and fine artists have pushed the boundaries of the medium in innovative ways. 

A method frequently employed by photographers is the photo overlay technique. Using this technique, photographers can layer two separate images in one work. While some photographers use this method to produce impressive images of the natural world, such as underwater photographs, others use the photo overlay technique to create abstract photographic works

To highlight its diverse potential, we have selected a range of artists working in different styles that use this method. Among some of our current favorites are Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic's stunning abstract landscape artworks and Patricia Leeds' dynamic and colorful images. Join us today to discover our whole selection of contemporary artists using the photo overlay technique!

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