Somber Abstract Painters

Humankind and their relationships with themselves, each other and the natural world have inspired both the poet and artist alike. And if that connection is dark, serious, full of sadness or doesn't exist at all, it can provide the artist with the means to convey this gloomy subject through their work. This form of expression is aided by abstract art as it shifts away from realism and uses color (albeit dark) and shape to convey the subject. Although somberness can be both tangible and intangibltists throughout human history, gaining acclaim at admirably portraying an all consuming subject that viewers may relate to. Edvard Munch's Melancholy and Pablo Picasso's The Old Guitarist come to mind. Delve into the likes of Wolfgang Voigt and his portrayal of the human act of repetitiveness whilst getting lost in the hues of one of our printmakers like Zao Wou Ki.

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