Demsky, also known as Dems333 or just „Dems“ in the graffiti scene, is a Spanish writer and graffiti artist.

Born in 1979, and raised in Elche, Spain, Demsky discovered graffiti in the early 1990's and started writing his name in many different styles and variations. Now more than twenty years later, he is described as ‘one of the killer writers from Spain’. In 2010, the artist joined the legendary European Ultra Boyz crew, which is famous worldwide for its outstanding lettering, elaborate style, and innovative murals.

During the last years, Demsky was successfully showing his works at international galleries in cultural centers which include Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Bangkok. All of his exhibitions were regularly featured and recommended by relevant press and online media.

Demsky can be described as a conceptual artist. In his gallery shows, he takes up the difficulty many graffiti artists have to face when bringing their pieces in the confined space of a ‘White Cube’, rather than traditionally spraying in the streets. Demsky manages to develop his visual language further and to transform a street piece into certain gallery work. Instead of referring to the public space, he creates new settings and uses graffiti unrelated methods, materials, or media such as screen-printing, metal, and acrylic paint in addition. By writing the manifesto Ultradinámica that can be adapted to certain gallery works of the artist or by designing a series
of wooden relief paintings which mimic the artist's street pieces, Demsky gives his studio works a fresh conceptual approach.

In Demsky's artwork, you can recognize early influences of classic New York graffiti as well as other sources of inspiration. Examples of the artist's sources include: skateboarding culture, Japanese mangas, Marvel comics, and the Star Wars saga. Demsky's style can be described as traditional and futuristic, ordered and chaotic, geometric and liquid at the same time. The pieces are composed of graphic letter forms and layers of overlapping semi-transparent shapes. Precise and complex lines, bright colours, and deep dark areas give the artwork a hypnotic effect and tantalize the viewer.

In 2014, the artist published the book VISION, which features Demsky's works inside and outside the gallery space as well as some of his graphic design projects.

“With a rare mastery of the structures of the alphabet, Demsky enjoys distorting, destroying and rebuilding the letters, a raw material which he endlessly refines. […] To quote his book's conclusion: ‘The best is yet to come’.” The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2014
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Painting, Hypercube IV, J. Demsky

Hypercube IV

J. Demsky

Painting - 118 x 79 x 1 cm Painting - 46.5 x 31.1 x 0.4 inch


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The year of birth of the artist is: 1979