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Caramés Maite

Spain Born in: 1972

I use photography as a narrative image from which stories, series or sequences emerge. My images are the result of a previous intention and depart from encounters, discoveries or moments that evoke unexpected feelings in me. I work by intuition and many times, I am not aware of where my obsessions come from.

Technically, I work with analog photography and usually employ medium format cameras: every story has a suitable language and a special way to be built, therefore the choice of the camera is important when giving shape to all this.

I believe mind is an endless source of creative consciousness. The ideas about which I reflect are intimate and revolve around human condition: time, death, rebirth, beauty, desire.

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Caramés Maite, American Style - Exit, Photography

Caramés Maite

American Style - Exit, 2010
23.6 x 15.7 inch


Few works remaining by Caramés Maite

These are the last remaining works by Caramés Maite.
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Summer Time

Fifty Dots Gallery

Summer Time
From August 1, 2019 To August 31, 2019

Fotofever Paris 2018

Fifty Dots Gallery

Fotofever Paris 2018
From November 8, 2018 To November 11, 2018

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