Jordi Díez Fernández graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a degree in Fine Art and honours in sculpture. He started his professional career collaborating with other sculptors on a variety of public projects as well as his own public and private enterprises.

Works which were conceived and created during this early stage of his career include the monumental Albox marble sculpture, Leda, located in Majadahonda (Madrid) and Esclavo, made from Colmenar stone, currently part of a private collection in Barcelona.

The artist went on to open his own studio in an old factory in Barcelona's Poblenou neighbourhood, famous for its art scene. During this time, he worked on numerous sculptures including Centro de Fuerza, which can be found in the ski resort of La Masella, Girona, and Hombre-Mujer León, which is currently part of a private collection. The artist subsequently established his studio in Centelles (Barcelona), where he continues to work today.

Through his work, the artist aims to build a bridge between current art forms and its predecessors. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of themes ranging from religious art, such as the stone sculpture, St.Hipòlit, commissioned for the main facade of the St. Hipòlit de Voltregá parish church in Barcelona, wooden images of Christ, and a large terracotta relief created for the front of the St.Vicenç de Castellet Church (Barcelona) to large wooden sculptures such as Caballo, Cabeza and Dos, or large scale, iron works such as Cuerpas. He has also worked on specific commissions for social projects, such as Las Meninas (2005), for the exhibition “Barroco: teoría, contemplación, experiencia", located in the Cuartel Conde Duque de Madrid and “La carga de los Mamelucos" (2008), for the exhibition “Proclamas y bandos de 1808", housed in the old Post Office building in Madrid.
In recent years, he has developed a technique using stainless steel electro-welding elements, which have given an unmistakable style to his work. 

This highly expressive form of figurative art uses modern technology, establishing a defined balance between old and new. This series encompasses a number of works housed in private collections as well as the public works Llindar, Mercurio and Torso. It also includes Los amantes de acero and Rosal Monumental, found in architecturally important locations in Centelles (Barcelona); the Ildefons Cerdá sculpture commissioned by the Barcelona Council in 2010 for the 150th anniversary of the Eixample plan; and the sculpture of a Loewe bag permanently on display in the window of the flagship shop in Gran Vía, Madrid.

Jordi Díez Fernández is currently working on a sculpture of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the Father of Singapore, and a Vesak Buddha piece for Thailand.

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All artworks of Jordi Díez Fernández
Sculpture, Ouvertüre, Jordi Díez Fernández


Jordi Díez Fernández

Sculpture - 235 x 168 x 110 cm Sculpture - 92.5 x 66.1 x 43.3 inch


Sculpture, Árbol Inveritdo, Jordi Díez Fernández

Árbol Inveritdo

Jordi Díez Fernández

Sculpture - 60 x 40 x 30 cm Sculpture - 23.6 x 15.7 x 11.8 inch


Sculpture, Irene, Jordi Díez Fernández


Jordi Díez Fernández

Sculpture - 44 x 21 x 15 cm Sculpture - 17.3 x 8.3 x 5.9 inch


Sculpture, Pax, Jordi Díez Fernández


Jordi Díez Fernández

Sculpture - 225 x 168 x 130 cm Sculpture - 88.6 x 66.1 x 51.2 inch


Sculpture, Tribute to Lita Cabellur, Jordi Díez Fernández

Tribute to Lita Cabellur

Jordi Díez Fernández

Sculpture - 270 x 180 x 120 cm Sculpture - 106.3 x 70.9 x 47.2 inch


Sculpture, Horizon Head, Jordi Díez Fernández

Horizon Head

Jordi Díez Fernández

Sculpture - 180 x 400 x 80 cm Sculpture - 70.9 x 157.5 x 31.5 inch


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