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Sabine Weiss

Switzerland Born in: 1924
Sabine Weiss was born in Saint Gingolph, a small Swiss town, in 1924. From a very early age her mother awakens her artistic side by making her visit art galleries and Romanesque churches. Her father, a chemist, loved to see her taking pictures, with the equipment of that time. At an early age, Sabine starts questioning herself about her future job, and she decides that since photography is what she loves doing, she will become a photographer.

From 1942 to 1945, it is at Boissonass in Geneva, home to a dynasty of photographers, for more than 80 years, that she makes an apprenticeship to become a photographer.

In 1945, Sabine Weiss lives in a workshop in Geneva but a year later she decides to leave everything and settle permanently in Paris. She knows that there will be no return. Having already a stable career, she becomes the assistant of Willy Maywald.

In 1949 she meets painter, Hugh Weiss, who soon becomes her husband. She leaves Maywald enriched with many new friendships and contacts made through him and begins a long and successful career. In 1952, her works include photographs from different topics; fashion, reportage and advertisement, she then meets Robert Doisneau from Vogue who notices the authenticity of her work and introduces her to the agency "Rapho", where she will work during several years.

In her free time, she likes immortalizing the depths of humanity. In recent years, Sabine Weiss is devoted entirely to exhibitions that reflect her humanist work and the particular sensibility of her work.
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Few works remaining by Sabine Weiss

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Sabine Weiss, André Breton rue Fontaine, Photography

Sabine Weiss

André Breton rue Fontaine, 1960
15.9 x 11.9 x 0 inch


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