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Christian Hidaka

United Kingdom Born in: 2016 Emerging artists

Christian Hidaka was born in 1977 in Noda, Japan, northwest of Tokyo, to a Japanese mother and a British father. Art and creation have always been an integral part of his life.

Hidaka joined the Winchester School of Fine Art in the UK in 1996, then went on to study at the famous Parsons School in New York and finally graduated in 2002 from the Royal Academy in London. 

Christian Hidaka's heritage of two cultures is reflected in his body of work. His modern paintings take us into a universe in which reflection upon space is essential. However, he manages to detach himself from the hyperrealist or expressionist heritage of his predecessors and to open up a new path. He creates a timeless cultural mix that doesn't seem to have any roots in reality.

He succeeds in bridging two worlds, two pictorial traditions that seem to be in complete opposition: an elegant painting inspired by the European Renaissance, especially of Italian heritage, very geometric, coupled with motifs and color techniques borrowed from the Asian tradition. 

Another particularity of Christian Hidaka's painting is a unique perspective with multiple focal points. A skilled technician, he manages to elude codes and deliver a surprising painting which sucks us in through its oblique colorful figures. Its forms are also perfectly anchored in the 21st century, evoking at times the pixellated screens of video games. The artist conceives of painting as a means of communicating about historical ages and places. 

In this way, he produces a fresh interpretation of the landscape painting genre, sometimes overlooked by contemporary art. By combining many of his sources of inspiration in his works, he brings together in a surrealist and psychedelic style Japanese landscapes, science fiction, and even elements coming straight out of the Renaissance. Among his most famous landscape series we find "Frontier Territory" with its overlapping rainbows and mountains, and "Glaukos".

Christian Hidaka has exhibited all over the world from Beijing to Paris, via Luxembourg and California... Today you can discover his work on Artsper. 

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Christian Hidaka, Untitled (Pierrot), Painting

Christian Hidaka

Untitled (Pierrot), 2013
14.8 x 9.8 inch

$ 2,109

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