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Anne Teresa Nielsen

The United States Born in: 1972
Nielsen Anne T. is an American artist who works and lives in the United States; the Stacklr gallery has the exclusivity of its distribution in France. Seeing what is invisible to the naked eye… this is what has preoccupied humans since the dawn of time…. Anne Teresa Rutledge Nielsen's oil paintings respond to this quest and offer us familiar yet indescribable images of a strange and infinite world populated by strange, undulating and recurring shapes. At the confluence of science and art, the artist offers us his vision of a sensitive representation of an imaginary world, of a model that lies between land art and the vision of the infinitely small of phenomena. associates. We think of fractal objects which would follow deterministic or stochastic rules implying an internal homothety… the infinitely small of particles and atoms which would reproduce ceaselessly by offering us a condensed vision of the world. The artist imagines a world where the accelerated particles would create by division or reproduction new geometries which themselves would undergo the same process in an infinite repetition while questioning us about the notion of infinity. Anne T. Nielsen's work invites us to reflect on these unknown, intriguing and yet benevolent forms; composition, decomposition, structures and destructures. She questions us about the origin of everything and our place in a universe of which we do not master the contours or the structures, neither the origin nor the end ... At the crossroads of science, epistemology and art, this work radiates light, transparent and silky colors of smooth and soft shapes. One thinks of the formula of the scientist Bernard Valeur in his work "lumière et luminescence": Color is the most beautiful link between science and art ... The work of Anne T. Nielsen draws this link bright and soothing by inviting us to a global reflection on the structure of each thing and the composition of the components and when we look at his painting representing a rainbow we think of the quote from Paul Klee, "sketch of a theory of colors "P.65:" It is significant that this unique case of a natural scale of pure colors is not fully of this world and appears at the level of the atmosphere. Belonging to the intermediate domain between the earth and the universe, this phenomenon reaches a certain degree of perfection, but not the ultimate degree since it only belongs half to "the beyond" ... Reflection on recurrence forms, on the structures that surround us and on the human condition, the work of Anne T. Nielsen, beyond these graphic qualities invites us to a deeper reflection on the links between art and the philosophy of science .
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