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Regina Carmona

Kundalini, 2014

Photography : photo etching 26 x 26 inch


One of the last works available by this artist

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Regina Carmona, Kundalini

About the artwork

Artwork sold in perfect condition

The artwork is in Brazil. Therefore, the shipping price displayed is estimated and may be different. Don't hesitate to contact us for accurate shipping and insurance prices; we will be happy to provide our best cost. Photo etching is a precise method of cutting and etching metal that often uses photoacids such as ferric chloride (FeCI3) to produce designs on metal sheets. However, Regina Carmona did not use acid for this artwork: the iron sheet was naturally oxidized with water and natural elements and left under the action of time without corrosive chemicals. The desired shades and stains were defined, and this process was controlled and interrupted by her when she considered that the artwork was ready. The silver colour is the background of the virgin iron plate. Earth, orange and brown tones are defined by the oxidation time.
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About the seller
Smith Galeria • Auckland, New Zealand

Vetted Seller

Photography: photo etching
Dimensions cm inch
26 x 26 inch
Brown wood frame
Artwork dimensions including frame
29.5 x 29.5 inch
Unique work
Work sold with an invoice from the gallery and a certificate of authenticity
Signed artwork




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Regina Carmona

Regina Carmona

Brazil • Born in: 1954

Photographers Artists

Brazilian artists

Multimedia artist, master in Visual Poetics (2005) and bachelor's degree (1994) at ECA art School of University of São Paulo (ECA / USP). As a master of fine arts, she was the coordinator of several art studios, drawing, print and sculpture. As an artist-in-residence, she has been in several countries, carrying out unique projects and participating in exhibitions, biennials and festivals. She was also Curator of Art as Food Ritual and Offering, an artistic experience and research program in partnership with Sanskriti Foundation, India. Her poetic research focuses on the body as a sacred adobe and explores a personal experience as a way of learning about the human and nature relationship.


1990/1994- São Paulo SP – Degree in Fine Arts, School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo – ECA USP

2002/2004- São Paulo SP - Master in Visual Poetics, School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo – ECA USP


1993- São Paulo SP – Artistic research project Profano, CNPq Scholarship, supervision of Carmela Gross, ECA USP

1989/93- São Paulo SP - Free engraving workshop with guidance from Evandro Carlos Jardim ECA and MAC USP

1989- São Paulo SP - History of art, Gilson Pedro, Museum of Art of São Paulo

Residences – Research – Travel

2019 - India – since 2014, she has coordinated art projects, research and art experiences at the Sanskriti Foundation

2016 - Egypt - Luxor International Symposium

2013- Iperó SP – art/environment residency, Dai-Me Luz project, Flona de Ipanema, ICM Ministry of the Environment/MAC Sorocaba

2013- Spain – research, exhibition, II Festival Nacional Mirada de Mujeres, Museum of Almería (MINC)

2010- Italy – art research, Caminho Verde na Costa Viola com Stromboli ao Fundo, Calabria.

2010- Slovakia – Ambient Exterior, art and nature symposium, Liptovsky Mikulas Art Museum

2008- India - Centu Rays symposium, Faculty of Architecture, Siddaganga University of Technology, Tumkur (MINC)

2007- Slovakia – art residency, Art Plenner, Liptovsky Jan, Park Umenia org, MINC)

2006- Finland – Evergreen symposium, art in nature, curated by Pirjo Heino, Hovinkartano Art Center, Hauho

2006- Spain - Global Art exhibition, General Fair in Zaragoza, curated by Giuseppe Strano.

2003- India – art residency, Sanskriti Foundation – individual Still Life, Embassy of Brazil (MRE)

2000- Romania – art residency, Instituto Tescani George Enescu, curated by Illie Bocca (MINC)

1998- India – research and art residency, Sanskriti Foundation, Target project - support Sanskriti Org.

1996- Israel – photographic research for project “42", Capela do Morumbi São Paulo, catalogued in the Photographic Memory of the City of São Paulo at Centro Cultural Vergueiro

1995- Ouro Preto MG – UFMG Winter Festival, Profano project research, exposed Centro Universitário Maria Antonia USP; Campus USP São Carlos and Campus USP Piracicaba (CNPq research grant)


2021 - Amtsgericht Korback (Germany) - Refuge, Moving Wind Festival.

2019 - Guwahati (India) - Refuge, The Placeless Place Assam State Museum

2019 - Delhi (India) - The Placeless Place, Fangi Pani Garden, Sanskriti Museums

2017 - Gurgaon (India) - Whirling Mandala, forest reserve

2015 - New Delhi (India) - Purple, Sanskriti Museums

2014 - New Delhi (India) - Peace Please, Sanskriti Terracotta Museum

2014 - São Paulo SP - Peace Por Favor, tribute 60 years Parque Ibirapuera

2013- Iperó SP - Dai me Luz, Fazenda Nacional de Ipanema

2013- São Paulo SP- Alumiar-se, I Virada Ambiental SVMA, Ibirapuera Park

2013- Araraquara SP- Circulando in Verdes Prados, Bela Vista do Chibarro Community

2012- São Paulo SP- Caminhas Brancas, public art, Praça da Paz, Ibirapuera Park

2012- Curitiba PR- A Casa da Mantide-Religiosa, Ruins of São Francisco, I International Meeting of Visual Arts SESCPR

2012- Porto (Portugal)- A casa da Mantide-Religiosa, Jardim dos Aromas Palácio Cristal, BELA Bienal, (MINC)

2011- São Paulo SP- Station, IV Congress Fora do Eixo, Paço das Artes

2011- São Paulo SP- Sete Caminhas, I Congress of Green Urban Forests SVMA, Ibirapuera Park

2011- Casalmaggiore (Italy)- The House of the Religious Mantide, Centro Casalasco di Studi Paletologico

2011- Hammenlinna (Finland)- The House of the Religious Mantide, ART HAME 11 Festival, curated by Sirpa Hapaooja, HAME Foundation

2011- Hammenlinna (Finland)- Circulating in Other Dimensions, HAME Foundation ART HAME 11 Festival

2010- Governador Celso Ramos SC- Eucalipto Limão, 6th Festival of Plastic Arts of Palmas

2007- Campina Grande PA - PA DA CIDA, curated by Julio Leite, Galeria Cilindro

2005- São Paulo SP - Me Congelo Te, Metro Clinicas

1996- São Paulo SP - "42", Capela do Morumbi

1996- São Paulo SP - Commonly, Passagem Consolação Gallery


2021 - Buenos Aires (Argentina) Bienal Sur

2020/2018 - Douro (Portugal) Douro Biennial

2002- Szcecin (Poland)- Grafic Constellation

2001- Jelenia Gora (Poland)- Biennial International The Continents

2001- Suwalki (Poland)- Biennial 100 cities

2001- Ourense (Spain)- VII International Engraving Biennial CaixaNova Ourense

2000- Nuremberg (Germany)- International Print Nuremberg

2000- Krakow (Poland)- Brazilian Day, a special room at the International Print Triennial Krakow (MINC support)

1995 –San Juan (Puerto Rico)- XI Bienal de Grabado de San Juan

Solo Exhibitions

2019 - Delhi (India) - The placeless place, Frangi Pani Garden, Sanskriti Museums

2018 - Campinas SP - Body and Anima Mundi, curated by Gaia Bindi, Gaia gallery Unicamp

2015 - São Paulo SP - Regina Carmona, Corpo and Anima Mundi, curated by Gaia Bindi, Gravura Brasileira gallery

2015 - New Delhi (India) - Regina Carmona, curated by Naresh Kapuria, Art Junction Gallery

2013- Londrina PR – Púrpuras, Museum of Art of Londrina.

2012- Curitiba PR – Púrpuras, curated by Christophe Spoto, touring Olhar Paraná SESC Pato Branco, Ponta Grossa, Toledo, Londrina

2011- Tatuí SP - Púrpuras, AMART Ponto de Cultura MINC, Cultural Center of Tatuí

2005- São Paulo SP -Registered, USP Museum of Contemporary Art

2003- New Delhi (India) - Still Life, Cultural Space of the Embassy of Brazil in New Delhi

1998- São Paulo SP - Desires, Hebrew Cultural Gallery

1997- Curitiba PR - Faces, Museum of Contemporary Art of Curitiba

1997- Uberaba MG - Engraving, Gallery of the Cultural Foundation of Uberaba

1996- São Paulo SP - Vulgo, installation at Passagem Subterrânea Consolação Gallery

1996- São Paulo SP - “42" installation in Capela do Morumbi

1995- São Paulo SP - Profane, curatorship and text Anna Teresa Fabris, Centro Universitário Maria Antonia USP

Collective Exhibitions

2021 - Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Bienal Sur

2021 - Amtsgericht Korback (Germany) - Moving Wind Festival

2021 - Valencia (Spain) - University of Valencia, Panoramas,

2020 - Almeria (Spain) - PhotoEspanã MECA Mediterraneo Centro Artico

2020 - Alijó (Portugal) - Douro Biennial

2019 - São Paulo SP - Meeting with Clarice Lispector, BNDS Gallery

2019 - Guwahati (India) - Art as food ritual and offering, Assam State Museum

2019 - Delhi (India) - Art as food ritual and offering, JNU University

2018 - Douro (Portugal) - Global Print

2018 - Almeria (Spain) - Ars Visibilis IV Genius, MECA Center, Museum of Almeria

2018 - São Paulo SP - Latin American Women - Latin America Memorial

2018 - São José dos Campos SP - UsinaQuatorze, CEFE

2017 - Goiania (GO) - Possible Heritage, UFG Iberoamerican Congress

2016 - Cuzco (Peru) - Ofrendas a la Pachamama, Museum of Contemporary Art

2016 - India/Brazil - Art as ritual food and offers, exhibition and exchange of art

2015 - India - Cola Aqui Stick Here, international urban art and intervention

2014 - Sao Paulo SP - Peace Please, homage 60 years Ibirapuera Park

2014 - Sao Paulo SP - Project showcase, Latin America Memorial Foundation, Marta Traba Gallery

2014 - Casalmaggiore (Italy) - Casalmaggiore Contemporanea, curated by Giuseppe Panini

2014- Sorocaba SP – Expo Residência Artistica, Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba

2014 - Tatui SP - Mata, Paulo Setubal Art Museum.

2013- Florianópolis SC - MAKES SENSE, curated by Franzoi, Santa Catarina Art Museum, Itajai Culture House, Joinville Art Museum, Blumenau Art Museum

2013- Araraquara SP - SP ESTAMPA 2013, Circulando Verdes Prados, Bela Vista do Chibarro (support NUPEDOR UNIARA)

2013- São Francisco Xavier SP - Causa Nós, art auction in favor of GAAC

2013- Almería (Spain)- ARS VISIBILIS II Mirada de Mujeres National Festival, curated by Fernando Barrionuevo, Museum of Almería (MINC)

2013- Almería (Spain)- ARS VISIBILIS 3rd Headquarters at Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Empresaria. WHERE IS IT

2013- Almería (Spain)- ARS VISIBILIS 4th Headquarters in Faro Mesa Roldan Carboneras

2012- Porto (Portugal)- BEAUTIFUL European Latin American Biennial, Palace Gallery (MINC support)

2012- Curitiba PR - I International Visual Arts Meeting, curated by Christophe Spoto, SESC Esquina

2012- São Paulo SP - SP PRINT 2012 Circulating SP, Parque do Povo

2012- Tatuí SP- III Visual Arts Meeting of Tatuí, curated by Enock Sacramento, Paulo Setubal Museum

2011- São Paulo SP - Oxygen OX 3 Occupation, curated by Katia Canton, Buenos Aires Park

2011- São Paulo SP - IV Congress Fora do Eixo, Paço das Artes USP

2011- Hammennlinna (Finland)- ART HAME 11, curated by Sirpa Hapaooja

2011- Tatuí SP - Tatuí Arte II, curated by Katia Salvanny, Paulo Setubal Museum

2011- São Paulo SP- SP ESTAMPA 2011, Circulando no Estampa project, Niemayer footbridge of the Latin America Memorial

2011- São Paulo SP- SP ESTAMPA 2011Circulando no Estampa project, Ibirapuera Park bridge

2011- Cerquilho SP - SP ESTAMPA 2011, Circulando no Estampa project, bridge over the Sorocaba river

2011- Corumbá MT – 8th South American Art Festival

2011- São Paulo SP - CadaVer Wall Project, Museum of Modern Art

2011- Washington DC (USA) - Free Art Booth Peacock, art emerges at Art Fair, curated by Sean Naftel

2010- Miami (USA)- SEVEN, Free Art Stand art Basel, curated by Sean Naftel

2010- New York (USA) – SEVEN, Free Art Stand art Wynwood, curated by Sean Naftel

2010- São Paulo SP - 10 Years of the Gravura Brasileira Gallery

2010- Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia) – Welcome Circulating in Other Dimensions, Museum of Art

2010- Florianópolis SC - Circulating in Other Dimensions, Museum of Contemporary Art of Florianópolis and UFSC, touring UNISUL Tubarão, SESC Joinville, SESC Blumenau, Casa da Cultura de Itajai

2010- Santos SP – Circulating in Other Dimensions, curated by Regina Carmona, SESC

2009- Governador Celso Ramos SC - 6th Festival of Plastic Arts of Palmas, curated by Flavia Fernandes

2009- Lisbon (Portugal) – Circulating in Other DiMentions, Color Gallery

2009- São Paulo SP – Circulating in Other Dimensions, Galeria Gravura Brasileira

2008- São Paulo SP - Poetics of Nature, curated by Katia Canton, MAC Museum of Contemporary Art at USP

2008- New York (USA)- "10+10" Brazilian Engraving artists at Goloborotko's Studio

2008- São Paulo SP- Mulheres ao Infinito, curated by Paulo Klein, IQ gallery of the Chakras space

2008- São Paulo SP- Perto dos Olhos, curated by Katia Canton, at Espaço Círculo3 - Araraquara and USP Sao Carlos

2008- São Paulo SP- Entretiras, curated by Regina Carmona, Espaço Círculo3

2008- São Paulo SP - Gráficas, Cuba & Brasil, cultural exchange exhibition, Espaço Círculo3

2008- São Paulo SP - Related Artists and Studios, Art in the Village, Espaço Círculo3

2008- São Paulo SP - Chapel Art Show, annual exhibition Chapel School

2007- Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia) - Plenner Art Symposium, Umenia Park .(MINC support)

2007- Araraquara SP– V Art Territory, Municipal Theater Cultural Space

2006- Zaragoza (Spain) - Art Global, Fiera General de Zaragoza

2006- Hauho, Finland - Evergreen, Hovinkartano Art Center

2005- Niterói RJ - Still Life_Natureza Morta, curated by Katia Canton and Anne T. Gallagher, Oscar Niemayer Art Museum

2005- São Paulo SP - Territories, USP Museum of Contemporary Art

2005- São Paulo SP - Occupation, curated by Daniela Buosolo, Paço das Artes

2005- Brussels (Belgium) - La Collec Deux, René Carcan gallery

2005- Tolboden (Denmark) - La Collec Deux ,Tolboden gallery

2005- Sévres (France)- La Collecte Deux, Médiathèque de Sèvres,

2005- Porto (Portugal) - La Collecte Deux, Higher Art School

2005- Madrid (Spain) - La Collecte Deux, Vista Bella Cultural Center

2005- Madrid (Spain) - La Collecte Deux, Casa Cultura San Lorenzo del Escorial

2004- São Paulo SP - Still Life_Natureza Morta, curated by Katia Canton and Anne T. Gallagher, MAC and British Council

2004- São Paulo SP - La Collecte Deux, Atelier Presse Papier Quebec, 260 artists, 5 continents Galeria Gravura Brasileira

2004- Luxembourg - La Collecte Deux. Konschthaus `BEIM ENGEL`

2004- Tangsogade (Denmark) - La Collect Deux, En Tangsogade 4 Udstilling,

2004- Ikast (Denmark) - La Collecte Deux, Kedelhuset gallery

2004- Belgrade (Serbia) - La Collecte Deux, Akademia Serbie.

2004- Borás (Sweden) - La Collect Deux, Algarden, Borás gallery

2004- Leeuwarden (Netherlands) - La Collecte Deu, Romein gallery

2004- São Paulo SP - Lambe-Lambe 450, curated by Fabrício Lopes and Ernesto Bonato, traveling Brazil - Ribeirão Preto, Campinas, Taubaté, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, João Pessoa, Campina Grande, Belém. Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Quebec (Canada)

2003- Quebec (Canada) - La Collecte Deux, Atelier Presse Papier de Trois Riviéres

2003- São Paulo SP - MAC 40 years, MAC USP Homage

2003- São Paulo SP - Engraving is doing well, thank you! curated by Isabel Pinheiro, Virgilio Gallery

2002- Brasília DF - Memory Rooms, curated by Katia Canton, Espaço Cultural Arte 21

2001- Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Memory Room, curated by Katia Canton, Recoleta Cultural Center

2000- Tescani (Romania) - George Enescu Center, curated by Illie Bocca (MINC support)

2000- Bacau (Romania)- Bacau Art Museum, curated by Illie Bocca (MINC support)

1999- São Paulo SP- Contemporary Heranças II, curated by Katia Canton, Museum of Contemporary Art

1998- New Delhi (India) - Open Day, Sanskriti Kendra Anandgram Foundation

1998- Piracicaba SP - Art Salon of Piracicaba (award)

1997- São Paulo SP - Project Zumbi, Science Station, Ministry of Culture

1996- São Paulo SP - 42 (solo), Capela do Morumbi, São Paulo

1996- São Paulo SP - Vulgo (solo), Passagem da Consolação Gallery

1995- São Paulo SP - ABCA Panel at MAC, emerging artist, curated by Anna Tereza Fabris

1995- São Paulo SP - Nascente IV Project, finalists, Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo

1995- Ouro Preto MG – UFMG Winter Festival

1994- São Paulo SP -Projeto Nascente III – finalists. Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo

1994- Limeira SP - Contemporary Art Salon of Limeira (joint work award)

1994- São Paulo SP - From Cordel to Gallery, curated by Leonor Amarante, MASP São Paulo Art Museum

1994- São Paulo SP - Engravings by Atelier Francesc Domingo, curated by Evandro Jardim, Galeria Café MAC

1993- Ribeirão Preto SP - XVIII SARP, Ribeirão Preto Art Museum

1992- São Paulo SP - Brazil, small formats, few words. Documenta Gallery

1992- Curitiba PR- MAC engravings, curated by Evandro Carlos Jardim, Solar do Barão Engraving Museum

1991- São Paulo SP - Engraving and Photography at Sé Metro Station - curated by Evandro Jardim/João Musa.

1991- São Caetano SP- Arte integration students from ECA USP and workers from Alcan Alumínios do Brasil


MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (SP)

Assam State Museum, Guwahati, India

MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba (SP)

MAC Museum of Art of Limeira (SP)

Sanskriti Kendra Foundation, New Delhi, India

Sanskriti Museumms, New Delhi, India

Embassy of Brazil, Cairo, Egypt

Embassy of Brazil, New Delhi, India

Vergueiro Cultural Center - catalogued in the Photographic Memory of the City of São Paulo

SESC Paraná (PR)

SESC Bertioga (SP)

Siddaganga University, Tumkur-Bangalore, India

HAME Foundation, Hammenlinna, Finland

George Enescu Foundation Instituto Tescani, Romania

Cultural Hovinkartano, Hauho, Finland

Bacau Museum of Art, Romania

Museum of Art of Poços de Caldas (SP)

Paulo Setubal Museum, Tatui (SP)

Association of Friends of MAC São Paulo (SP)

Hebrew Gallery São Paulo (SP)

Takano collection, Brasilia (DF)

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