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Dolores Bordon


Dolores Bordon is a painter, originally from Belgium. The artist draws inspiration from her books and encounters, to sharpen her look which is modified constantly. Kandinsky is part of her universe. The artist gives a lot of importance to his values "color is the touch, eye, hammer, soul, piano: the artist is the hand, and through the right choice, one is able to make the spectator's soul vibrate" (Kandinsky). Dolores Bordon borders between abstract and figurative art. Her brush strokes follow the framework of the society, by accompanying evolution, contingencies. The artist confesses " I experience constant evolution in a society which is constantly changing. It's important to be surprised, retain creative momentum, my look determines my feelings about things". The strokes make up a whirlwind, where the subject is enveloped in a floating material. The nebulous effect makes room for a moment of grace. This grace is dreamlike with shimmering colors. The colors flutters towards fantasy like dreams. Woman is part of this fantasy, a muse or an object that Dolores depicts, while drawing inspiration from feelings. Her exhibitions are in key places: Carousel of Louvre (October 2014), Nassau gallery in Antwerp (January 2017), Nardone gallery in Brussels (December 2014), in Waterloo (2015)… The artist goes beyond her favorite field and turns towards theater, decor creator (théâtre Scarabeus), and producer of the Shakespearean play « The Merchant of Venice ». Dolores Bordon was awarded during prix des jeunes artistes de Nivelles.
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Few works remaining by Dolores Bordon

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Evening Light

Nassau 42 Fine Arts

Evening Light
From November, 11 To December, 24 2016

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