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Maitê Mac Dowell de Quieros Mattoso

Born in: 1949


Maîtê Mac Dowell de Queiros Mattoso has been educated with a well-known artist from Peru who spent several years living in Brazil: Mr. Mario Agostinelli.

Each painter has it own phases and evolution, until at one point he/she stabilizes the way the vision is conveyed, reaching its utmost level in terms of mastery and maturity. You can then immediately identify the work of the artist. You cannot miss it.

One is tempted to consider that Maitê Mac Dowell de Queiros Mattoso has attained this stage. Her most recent work is a clear and direct continuation of the line she initiated before, but she seems more self-assertive, more confident, that she knows how to convey her vision, her thinking and her emotions.

She is using the same natural pigments and material from her land, and from the far distance, her new work coming in various shapes, volumes, forms and variations, may look almost monochrome until you take a closer look. She has mastered the art of playing - to avoid the word working - with a complex ever changing texture and one could say loads it with thinking and emotion producing a stunning and utterly moving visual effect.
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  • Brazilian Artist

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