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Pierre Dubrunquez

Born in: 1949



Pierre Dubrunquez has dedicated his career to poetry and painting.

Since 2000 he has been showing his work in exclusivity at Atelier Art Actuel; he has developed a singular and profound body of work, in the secluded space of his studio. Working on the concept of presence/absence, his painting reveals itself with subtlety, keeping its distance from the trends. A deep poetry and a great spirituality inhabit his works.

Pierre Dubrunquez works mainly in oil and is in a constant search for light and movement. His palette, never aggressive or ostentatious, is at the service of his painting that dares to express a quest both philosophical and pictorial.

Besides his works on canvas, Pierre Dubrunquez works on paper, producing very light watercolours, born of a stain which becomes a character, a presence, an angel or a ghost.

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In time for Christmas
Pierre Dubrunquez, Figures... La danse, Painting

Pierre Dubrunquez

Figures... La danse, 2013
40 x 40 cm


In time for Christmas
Pierre Dubrunquez, La poursuite, Painting

Pierre Dubrunquez

La poursuite, 2013
40 x 40 x 2 cm

€1 200

In time for Christmas
Pierre Dubrunquez, Enlèvement de Nymphes, Painting

Pierre Dubrunquez

Enlèvement de Nymphes, 2011
50 x 60 x 2 cm

€1 450

In time for Christmas
Pierre Dubrunquez, Ombre ou ange..., Painting

Pierre Dubrunquez

Ombre ou ange..., 2010
24 x 30 cm


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