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Patrick Guidot

France Born in: 1985
Born in 1985 in Lyon, Patrick Guidot currently lives and works between Paris and Berlin. He grew up in a suburb of Lyon where culture wasn’t a central issue, but he decided to go to art school after his baccalauréat. During four years, his curriculum was very academic, as he was required to gain knowledge in the basics of fine art : antique studies, nudes, anatomy and perspective. At this moment, he produces his first oil paintings. In the professional realm of things, he works regularly for prestigious houses such as Atelier Meriguet-Carrere. Working closely with painters who have a more traditional approach of painting has helped him gather both the knowledge and chemistry nescessary to mastering his own craft.

His pictorial works mainly address existential, ontological and spiritual themes, in a style that he qualifies as both figurative and conceptual. The artist wants to create an a-temporal image gathering diverse influences from the contemporary world.

Patrick Guidot is an artist in continuous movement, just as his paintings are. Under the influence of a speeding society, with uncertain expectations and unexacting perspectives, he borrows every day the voice of the "going back to the roots". A place where the modern man is suspended and can watch himself act, where painting only exists for its own sake.

In his work, he retraces, as an alchemist and an anthropologist, various creative ways that are known today, from Sapiens to Marcel Duchamp. Rediscovering the materials that we are made of, in order to get an idea of who we are. Patrick uses ancestral techniques in order to rediscover a primordial beauty and self confidence. He plays with references from the history of art, hoping to capture the providential echos that will resonate in our collective unconscious.
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