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Jean-Louis Audibert

Born in: 1972



Jean-Louis Audibert, born in Marseille in 1972, is a French designer and plastic artist.

Graduated in 1991 in Graphic arts, Jean-Louis Audibert became an illustrator in the field of advertising and print media but also the world of publishing.

Computational designing took him away from his roots, so he decided to join an art restoration workshop. This allowed him to learn different techniques, essential in this area of work. His experience helped enhance this creativity even further.

His first influence was the punk culture and he became an artist due to this universe, as he was fascinated by spontaneous graphic designing, fashion and photography. Stencil work and fanzine illustrations are his favorite.

He is influenced by African and Chinese art,18th Century engravings but also paintings by Lesage, Louis Pons and Jean Solé.

He works with different techniques, but has a passion for ink and oil. Slender tools like pen or trimmed bamboo, most often combined with unsuitable supports like a rough uneven canvas.

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Jean-Louis Audibert, Shut'Up, Painting

Jean-Louis Audibert

Shut'Up, 2017
55 x 37 x 0.5 cm

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