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Manu Perez

Born in: 1968



Manu Perez was born in 1968 in Brittany. He grew up in Marseilles and moved to Paris at the age of 19. He graduated fom the Paris Beaux-Arts School.

After a break from painting, he starts painting in his studio imaginary landscapes and open spaces, in a constant search for light. At first he paints vast perspectives on lage-format canvases. He switches to smaller formats, reducing his field and depicting other subjects, simple ones: mainly chairs and skulls.

Once he defined his subjects, Manu Perez could have a more sereve vision of his painting and the question: "what shall I paint" became "how shall I paint?". His palette opened up...

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Manu Perez, Portrait au casque, Drawing

Manu Perez

Portrait au casque, 2015
140 x 104 x 2 cm

€3 300

Manu Perez, Mam, Painting

Manu Perez

Mam, 2015
180 x 160 x 5 cm

€4 200

Manu Perez, Rouge, Painting

Manu Perez

Rouge, 2015
140 x 100 x 4 cm

€2 900

Manu Perez, L'homme tacheté, Painting

Manu Perez

L'homme tacheté, 2015
65 x 50 cm


Manu Perez, Ou, Drawing

Manu Perez

Ou, 2015
65 x 50 cm


Galerie Nicole Evin

Art Up Lille Grand Palais
From February, 24 To February, 28 2016
Lille - France

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