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Dominique Piveteaud

Born in: 1959



Dominique PIVETEAUD is a sculptor, born in Paris in 1959, who lives and works in Berlin.

He meets other artists during residencies, within collectives and he learns from the contact with other artists. Author of numerous publications at the École des Loisirs, his writings addrsess the issue of the teaching of literature.

This reflection on the relationship to the literary work and more widely to culture is echoed in the questions that cross his artistic practice; Bernard Charlot's comments are very appropriate for the artist's practice, as he defines the human condition as "the entry in a world where the human exists in the form of other humans and of everything that men have built before."

Through this way of thinking about humans, he belongs to the social space and he draws his inspiration, very naturally, from the urban space.

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In time for Christmas
Dominique Piveteaud, Anerkennung III, Sculpture

Dominique Piveteaud

Anerkennung III, 2014
70 x 64 x 6 cm

€1 800

In time for Christmas
Dominique Piveteaud, Überschreitung 3, Sculpture

Dominique Piveteaud

Überschreitung 3, 2012
60 x 65 x 4 cm

€1 900

In time for Christmas
Dominique Piveteaud, Land schaft I, Sculpture

Dominique Piveteaud

Land schaft I, 2015
82 x 62 x 2 cm

€1 600

Galerie Bouillon d'Art

Summer Exhibition
From July, 12 To March, 1 2017
Bordeaux - France

Galerie Bouillon d'Art

Ours sculptors honored
From March, 5 To March, 19 2016
Bordeaux - France

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