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Maxime Fardeau

Born in: 1988


Maxime Fardeau was born on 22nd April 1988 in Enghien-les-Bains in the Paris region. Graduated in 2011 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, he travels around the world as a consultant. Always equipped with his Lubitel, he took pictures of the landscapes around him. The snapshot caught Maxime Fardeau soon enough in his trap and hasn't let him go since. Eventually, silver photography becomes his second passion, firstly due to the Canon camera and then he falls for the legendary Leica, which became successful due to street photography. As much with black and white photos as with color, he alternates between snapshots and silver photography. Maxime Fardeau combines aesthetic research and furtive photos and has a knack at capturing precious moments of life, like spontaneity of a street and urban landscapes. Today, Paris has become his favorite playing ground. If truth be told, Paris isn't the main topic in his photos but rather an adjustable decor in front of his lens. A study of materials and textures to prove that time doesn't stand still, isolated beings or hidden in the crowd, a stolen moment or even loneliness are recurring themes.
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  • French Artist

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