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France Born in: 1970
When Guillaume Vincent discovered graffiti in the late 90s at the "Sud III", he was only 15. He chose the pseudonym "Ecloz" and started to paint, he took thousands of photos, read a lot, constantly improving his technique, and took more and more difficult challenges. He painted in abandoned sites, on walls, trains, on the sides of motorways. He even put his signature on the roof of the Theâtre des Arts in Rouen, and on the TGV.

Graffiti becomame a strong passion, and his name becomes famous, but gets to know the setbacks of this artform: his city becomes too small very quickly.

In 2004, he is finally arrested and sentenced to a suspended sentence and a fine. But Ecloz does not give up. He doesn't not change his pseudonym either. Once the problem solved, he starts to teach children, paint on canvas and to show his photographs and make his art known in different ways. He buys a small shop on the rue des Bons Enfants in Rouen where he sets up his workshop and hiw gallery.

Today Ecloz lives from his Art, and still does graffiti in abandoned places. He has not forgottenthe beginning of his practice, his exploits, the troubles, nor the unconditional support of his parents. He remains faithful to the graffiti spirit, with the conviction that this medium, beyond its artistic interest, has a true value: that of pushing oneself to the limits.

There are not many disciplines that are so demanding, authentic and missunderstood as graffiti. The competition, the adrenaline, the technique, the notoriety, the performance... Graffiti is the present moment, an unconventional perspective and a true depiction of reality. Being a graffiti artist means iexploring things to their fullest, and accepting all the sacrifices that come with this.
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