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Max Schoendorff

Born in: 1934


Max Schoendorff was born in Lyon in 1934. His father was a classical literature teacher. Gifted for writting, he aroused admiration among his classmates while studying at the Lycee du Parc, they saw him as a future writer. However at the end, he decided to turn to painting.

Max Schoendorff was influenced by great figures of surrealism, particularly by Max Ernts.

He worked, among others, with Planchon in theater, as well as with the Staubs and Jacques Rosner.....
He created the project called URDA "Utopie Raisonee pour les Droits de la Liberte en Art".

Max Schoendorff's painting is organic. It is an echo of a vegetable and animal world, which is the reflection of a melodious requirement dear to Max Schoendorff. For him, a painting is read, experienced and heard. To him plastic art is synomymous with philosophy, he discovered plastic arts while working in the theater which allowed him to defend the ideas for which he worked so hard.
A committed artist, a cultivated man, Max Schoendorff was a multidisciplinary artist.

Fourteen of his pieces are exhibited in a permanent room of the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon since 2008.

In 2012, Max Schoendorff died of a heart attack.
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