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Guy Sénécal

Born in: 1956


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Guy Senecal is a deeply committed artist who has humanistic values. After training in various workshops in Paris with an engraving, he tirelessly seeks his writing. A long passage -obligé- in the abstract universe, between 1970 and 1990 will make him understand the impasses, and he will leave definitely abstraction end of 1990. Taking important realization that NO representation of the human figure in the abstract and conceptual art n '' was not soinnocuous .It is therefore a representation that lies immediately in a field (a song?) Poetic very colorful. Indeed Guy Senecal is above all a great colourist. He often compares the harmonic and chromatic chords, connecting and music and painting. For him poetry is the essence of all forms of Art. There can be no Art without this poetic state that allows artists to not only see the eyes, but also to feed the soul of the beholder tables .. The forms are deliberately simplified. A tree has heart, a bird roulette lovers, a comic home rather childish way, various animal forms, sometimes texts hidden. Proximity to the naive art and / or art brut is pretty obvious. Something fees, playful, and especially positive is present in his work. Do not say it also follows the MATISSE council, for which a good painting should be comfortable like a good armchair. Senecal wants above all to dream. Although to hear there is some sacred and symbolic representation in its job. Thus the ubiquitous bird in his paintings is a representation of the Holy Spirit. Message of Love so very strongly signifié,à through a deluge of colors deliciously intertwined. Guy Senecal is part of a recent movement of Contemporary Art, which is called the singular art.
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Guy Sénécal, Sans titre, Painting

Guy Sénécal

Sans titre, 1992
59.1 x 43.3 inch


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