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Pascale Taurua

Born in: 1961

French Polynesia

Pascale Taurua is a painter born in 1961, in the French Polynesia.
Pascale's father was a carpenter, so she had access from an early age to different materials, which influenced her to start making her first creations. But it was her grandmother and her passion for fabrics, which taught Pascale everything about colors.

After studying at the Conservatory of Art in Papeete,Tahiti, Pascale decided to travel a lot in order to discover new sources of inspiration, colors and patterns, it was as well an opportunity for her to turn definitively to the field of design and painting.

It was also during her trips that Pascale experimented with a new technique that consisted in taking off posters and then modified them by adding paint, following the dripping technique inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Between paintings and collages, Pascale Taurua's pieces are a combination of street art and a more academic art, the artist loves the balance between softness and vitality, tenderness and strength which can be appreciated in all her pieces.
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Pascale Taurua, Converse, Painting

Pascale Taurua

Converse, 2019
39.4 x 39.4 x 0.6 inch


Pascale Taurua, Ciel rouge, Painting

Pascale Taurua

Ciel rouge, 2019
39.4 x 39.4 x 0.6 inch


Pascale Taurua, Blue, Painting

Pascale Taurua

Blue, 2018
59.1 x 47.2 x 1.2 inch

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