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Jörg Krichbaum

Germany Born in: 1945

Jörg Krichbaum was only 56 years old when he died in Brussels in 2002. Each of his talents, all already established and recognized, would be enough to fill a life: if he is above all a respected photographer, admired and honored with numerous exhibitions and awards professional, he is also a writer, journalist, editor, writer, novelist, playwright. And because his days are obviously longer than ours, he adds painting, sculpture and musical composition. He is a man of abundant existence who will nevertheless become through his photos "the pope" of minimalism, the expert in purity, the narrator of absence, the perfect continuator of the "New Objectivity".

Passionate about architecture, passionate about design, he shows the smallest detail, such as a door handle, the edge of a step, the metal frame of a tent without canvas, not because it is a speaking element of a remarkable construction, but because it bears witness to an intrinsic life, its own, of so many others too, those of its absent users because they had been there in the past but never captured by the photographer's lens, and all the lives that we can imagine since such are the destiny and the freedom of the spectators, the voyeurs, that we are.

From these graphic voids he overflows narrative, leaving everyone to "imagine" what seems to us to be missing in these inanimate images. No human being ever appears in this photographic work, with the exception of statues or mannequins in a fashion store window.

And yet each of these photos screams, even screams, its human dimension because everywhere, from an agonizing stack of tubes in Rome to the placidity of a mooring post in the port of Lisbon, everything is human creation, traces, assertiveness and ultimately arrogance of one species towards all the others who also inhabit this planet.

What questions could a German artist, born in November 1945 in Dortmund, who reached his fifties and perfectly master his technique, ask himself about the place of man and his direct responsibility in the development of humanity? Looked at one by one, these photos tell of the infinity of emptiness, the unfathomability of human beings, the dread of the abyss such as this twentieth century imposed.

Resonating, as they are presented here, grouped into thematic portfolios, they affirm on the contrary the din of men, the persistence of their chimeras. By spreading out the shots over several years and in incredibly varied places, these portfolios attest to the artist's desire, as for a pointillist painting, to gradually create the message so that it appears in the entire constituted . A rare work, an exceptional work, interrupted prematurely but which can finally be found here to the delight of art lovers and collectors.

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Jörg Krichbaum, Step by Step - Coffret Prestige # 1 - Portfolio de 6 photos, Photography

Jörg Krichbaum

Step by Step - Coffret Prestige # 1 - Portfolio de 6 photos, 1973
9.4 x 11.8 x 0.1 inch

$ 10,238

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