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Makiko Furuichi

Japan Born in: 1987 Emergent Artist
Makiko Furuichi was born in 1987 in Kanazawa, Japan. She lives and works in France.

She paints in watercolor and oil, creating various formats and depicting scenes of everyday life. Her subjects are raw and genuine. Always open to what accident can offer her, she paints things that touch her or make her smile. About her work, Makiko Furuichi says it is a representation of "niyari", a very Japanese form of smile. It is a smile hidden behind one's palm, mischievous but never mocking.

Her watercolors are the reflection of her energy and fantasy. They have the same precision as a calligraphic line drawn with great mastery. She takes from her memory different scenes, faces, postures, and lets her hand trace the blurry shapes, guided by the force of memory.
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Makiko Furuichi, Meeting Again (Série Meeting Again), Painting

Makiko Furuichi

Meeting Again (Série Meeting Again), 2011
19.7 x 19.7 x 1.2 inch


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