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Louisa Marajo

Born in: 1987



Translation in progress

Born in Martinique in 1987, Louisa Marajo joined the Ecole Supérieure d'art et de Design in Saint-Etienne in
2005. At that time the Erasmus adventure allowed her to follow the class of the Swiss painter Silvia Bächli at
the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe, Germany before returning to Saint-Etienne.
2010, diploma in the pocket, she continued her studies by a Master degree of plastic arts at la Sorbonne in
Paris, to theorize her experiments. Since then she has lived and worked in Paris.
"With a purpose, we can destroy a world and, through the knowledge of possibilities, build a world with
debris ..." Kurt Schwitter
It is by these words that the artist describes her approach, her works, a chaotic visual partition in which
uncertain forms evolve and transform.

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Louisa Marajo, Tréteaux (diptyque), Painting

Louisa Marajo

Tréteaux (diptyque), 2017
32 x 24 cm

€1 800

Louisa Marajo, Première installation, Print

Louisa Marajo

Première installation, 2015
25 x 21 cm


Louisa Marajo, Tréteau et triangle (triptyque), Drawing

Louisa Marajo

Tréteau et triangle (triptyque), 2016
20 x 15 cm

€1 200

Louisa Marajo, Marteau, Painting

Louisa Marajo

Marteau, 2017
100 x 80 x 3 cm

€2 000

Louisa Marajo, Zoom 1, Painting

Louisa Marajo

Zoom 1, 2017
65 x 50 cm

€1 000

Louisa Marajo, Planche, Painting

Louisa Marajo

Planche, 2017
69 x 19 cm


Louisa Marajo, Travail en cours, Painting

Louisa Marajo

Travail en cours, 2016
65 x 50 cm

Sold out

Louisa Marajo, Mur de planches, Painting

Louisa Marajo

Mur de planches, 2017
33 x 24 cm


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