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Sébastien Mehal

Born in: 1970



Sébastien Mehal lives and works in Martinique. He graduated from the Higher School of Audiovisual Creation of Paris(ESRA Paris XV) in 2000 and from the School of Architecture of Paris in 1996.

Sébastien Mehal was personally affected by the development of the city and by the peculiarities and other oddities of the urban life; this is where he gets his inspiration from. The artist incorporates in his pieces a sociological and philosophical reflection represented by a minimalist style of his own.

The light bulb is the central figure of his work. It symbolizes the impact of our society in inhabited areas.The concept of light represents the mental light of man and his vital energy. This object is a central or omnipresent element in our environment.

In his most recent works, there is the presence of liquid paint splashes "injected" with large industrial or medical syringes. While he only used flat textures before, he creates now delicate reliefs which gives place to a game between light and depth, giving the piece it's own source of a energy.

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  • Painting

  • Painting Abstract

  • Painting Acrylic

  • Painting canvas

  • French Artist

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Sébastien Mehal, Ville du monde - City, Painting

Sébastien Mehal

Ville du monde - City, 2016
13 x 65 x 2 cm

700 €


From March, 3 To April, 9 2016
Paris - France

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