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Roelof Gootjes

Born in: 1984


Roelof Gootjes is a Dutch artist, born in 1984 in Amsterdam. His interest for visual and graphic arts began during his childhood. At the age of 14, he had already begun experimenting spray paint and stencils. After a training in graphic techniques, he joined the Media College of Amsterdam, where he learned to work with various medias including digital and mixed techniques. He obtained his masters in Visuals Arts from the S.A.E Netherlands Institute. Roelof Gootjes's works stand out due to their luminous compositions, open colors and beautiful spontaneity. For his paintings, Roelof uses a variety of techniques: acrylic painting, epoxy resin, watercolors, spray painting, black and white (pencil, chalk, ink) and other combinations. The multiple designs of his resin paintings give a curious dimensional look, as a sequence of components turn into a flat, blank and unified composition.
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