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Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Born in: 1930


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk is a painter and architect born in Poland in 1930. He also teaches drawing, painting, and sculpture at the Polytechnic School of Warsaw. Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk's paintings are influenced by architectural work. The shapes and lines are meticulously created, with close attention to detail, which comes from his past as architect. The colors, the lights, the sky, the monumental buildings painted by the artist reveal his incredible hope in mankind, in progress and the future. His painting are influenced by natural optimism, just like a breath of fresh air for the viewer. Poland and its landscapes are especially honored by this artist in love with lines and human labor. Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk have been rewarded for his talent in architecture and visual arts with the Knight's Cross by the Restored Order of Poland.
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Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Bombay, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Bombay, 2015
25.6 x 19.7 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Family of pines, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Family of pines, 2011
23.6 x 15.7 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Warsaw, Wilanow - the Royal Palace, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Warsaw, Wilanow - the Royal Palace, 1973
18.1 x 27.6 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Grass by the shore of the Utrata River, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Grass by the shore of the Utrata River, 2014
19.7 x 23.6 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Metz Cathedral - Side façade, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Metz Cathedral - Side façade, 1999
19.7 x 26.8 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Brussels, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Brussels, 2013
15.7 x 19.7 inch


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Jastarnia - the port, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Jastarnia - the port, 2013
23.6 x 19.7 inch

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