Soo Kyoung Lee

Born in 1969 - South Korea


Soo Kyoung Lee, born in 1969 in Seoul , South Korea , works in Bagnolet (93) since 17 years.

"First meeting with an artist and a work. A work dominated by temporality given by the artist herself. In Soo Kyoung Lee’s paintings, everything begins with a monochrome surface designed to be coated with various elements, which are many organs conferring an existence upon her works.

“Ils ont regardé Matisse” was the premise of an exhibition held in 2009 at the Musée Matisse in Le Cateau-Cambrésis. It displayed the creations by Barnett Newman Soo Kyoung Lee is so interested in. On that occasion, she fully perceived the decorative power – in the positive sense of the word – in Matisse’s creations. In the process, she accepted her own pictorial ambivalence, her “natures mortes innommables” (unnameable still lives). However, Soo Kyoung Lee added a disruptive element to her compositions, which could have simply been seductive.

Yet, this element has recently disrupted the order defined by the artist so far, that is the organization of a pictorial space strictly determined by the frame of the painting. New realities appear to the viewer’s eye : they can be cut, they can even “come out” of the canvas, giving the whole work a new rhythm. The realities represented in the painting are multiplied severalfold. The elements play a different part according to the size of the work : if Soo Kyoung Lee decides to paint on large formats, the elements tend to “float” in the monochrome ; as soon as she chooses smaller formats, entanglements become so conspicuous that their presence inevitably catches the viewer’s eye. The recent triptych by Soo Kyoung Lee refers to another space she keeps cutting and manipulating.

The question of transparency, which was already obvious in her work, arises again. A question is followed by another, so that the viewer wonders in which direction to go. Instead of taking a necessary break after going through a very busy period, the artist prefers keeping on painting on small formats. She playfully explains these creations are “paintings for dummies” ; she also insists on the importance of that intermediate moment during which she has doubts about everything, including her very ability to paint. Painting on small formats enables her to indulge in experiments because nothing has been laid down, everything is allowed, not to mention that such a process functions a whole. These small formats can be compared to “laboratories” or many pages of a thought notebook. But what becomes of the drawing itself in all this ? Shapes spread out on the white surface of the paper sheet, thus revealing Soo Kyoung Lee’s new thoughts, such as : “Le papier me donne ces sensations de familiarité, d’affection” (Paper gives me these feelings of intimacy and affection). Gradual shifts from monochrome to brushed effects, elements which disrupt and enliven the paintings, entanglements and superimpositions, rhythms which are reversed according to the formats chosen and the techniques used, represent the layers of this “something” we should take the time to see"."

- based on the French text by Fanny Drugeon, April 2015

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2016 Centre d’art contemporain Atelier d’Estienne - Pont-Scroff, France
2015 Galerie Djeziri- Bonn - Paris
2015 Galerie Al/Ma - Montpellier, France
2015 « Poser-Déposer », POCTB - Orléans, France
2015 L’intervention à la Borne, POCTB - Orléans, France
2014 Galerie UHN - Koingstein, Allemagne
2014 La Chapelle du college - Eu, France
2014 Anywhere Gallery - Paris, France
2013 L’abbaye de Coat Malouen - Kerpert, France
2013 Centre d’art Kunst Doc - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2013 Galerie UM, Expo de dessins - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2012 Centre d’art contemporain, Carré Noir - Amiens, France
2012 Galerie UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2012 Galerie UHN - Koingstein, Allemagne
2012 Galerie Jacques Lévy - Paris, France
2012 Galerie L’Hôtel Mermoz - Paris, France
2011 Galerie Knoeizmann - Frankfort, Allemagne
2011 « moments artistique », Christian Aubert - Paris , France
2010 Galerie Mousim - Cheungju, Corée du sud
2010 Galerie UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2010 Galerie UHN - Königstein, Allemagne
2010 Galerie DIO - Wonjoo, Corée du Sud
2010 ‘Parcours’ Centre d’art contemprain, ‘L’H du siège’ - Valenciennes, France
2009 Musée privé Kyoungin - Seoul, Corée du Sud


2015 GCC résidence - Gyungggi, Corée du Sud
2015 Duo Show, Galerie Djeziri Bonn - Paris, France
2015 « Trois positions », Gallery Renete Kammer - Hambourg, Germany
2014 « autour du dessin,,, », Galerie Djeziri Bonn - Paris, France
2014 “Dessins noir”, KWM workshop – Essen, Allemagne
2014 “Montage of Wonderling”, MC Gallery - New York, USA
2014 Duo Show, Baik Jaeun Gallery - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2014 « Tome 2 / Dessins » , UM Gallery - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2014 « Tome 2 » Cj Art Studio - Cheong ju, Corée du Sud
2014 « Tome 2 » Artside Gallery - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2014 Dessins Group Show, Galerie Jacques Lévy - Paris, France
2014 Abstraction au féminin, L’atelier Blanc - Villefranche de Rouergue, France
2014 « Double face », invitation de Jérôme Borel - Paris, France
2013 Rencontre 42, la vigie - Nîmes, France
2013 « Couleur, lueur & co », Service culturel municipal - Gentilly, France
2013 “An Exit, From one place to another”, MC Gallery - New York, USA
2013 « Promise of Change », commissaire Alain Coulange, Hors murs du centre d’art 19 – Belfort, France
2013 Les Iconoclasses XV, la galerie Duchamp -Yvetot, France
2013 Group show, Galerie l’Hôtel Mermoz - Paris, France
2013 Open studio, Cj Art Center - Cheungju, Corée du Sud
2012 Invitation de Frédérique Lucian, St Ouen, France
2011 Conservatoire de musique, Kronberg, en duo avec Jean Marc Thommen,


2015 Slick Art Fair, Galerie Djeziri-Bonn - Paris
2015 CIGE Art Fair, Galerie Djeziri-Bonn – Beijing, Chine
2015 Scoop Basel, Gallery UM – Bâle, Suisse
2015 Parm Beach Art fair, Gallery UM - Miami, USA
2014 KIAF (korea international Art Fair) Gallery UM - Seoul, Korea
2014 Affordable Art Fair, JJnamu Gallery (Seoul) - Hambourg, Germany
2014 C.A.R Art Fair, JJnamu Gallery (Seoul) - Essen, Germany
2014 Hampton NY Art Show, UM Gallery (Seoul), Etats-Unis
2014 KIAF (korea international Art Fair), Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2014 Hotel Art fair, Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2013 KIAF (korea international Art Fair) Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2013 Art Gwangju Fair, Gallery UM - Seoul, Gwangju, Korea
2013 Hotel Art fair, Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2012 KIAF (korea international Art Fair) Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2012 Hotel Art fair, avec Gallery UM - Hongkong
2011 Artfair 21, avec Gallery UM - Cologne, Allemagne
2011 Seoul open Art Fair, Koex, Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2010 Daiegue Art Fair, Gallery Gallery UM - Daigue, Corée du Sud
2010 Seoul Shilla Hotel Fair, Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2010 Hwalang Art Fair, Bexko, Gallery UM - Busan, Corée du Sud
2010 Seoul Open Art Fair, Koex, Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2010 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Hyatt, Gallery UM - Honkong
2009 KIAF (korea Internatinal Art Fair) Gallery UM - Seoul, Corée du Sud


2015 Domaine de Kerguéhenecc - Bignan, France (3 mois)
2015 GCC Résidency - Gyonggi, Korea (3 mois)
2014 Chapelle du Collège jésuite - Eu, France
2013 Iconoclasses - Yvetot, dans le cadre de workshops, France
2012 Cj art studio - Cheongju, Corée du Sud
2012 La Source - Geuroulde, dans le cadre de workshops, France


2014 Catalogue de « Tome 2 » - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2014 Article, Chung buk journal - Cheongju, Corée du Sud
2014 YKN News - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2014 Arilang TV - Seoul, Corée du Sud
2013 « Promise of change », Alain Coulange, Hors mur of CRAC 19 - Belfort, France
2013 : Article, Journal Ouest France - Bretagne, France
2013 Article, Le Télégramme - Bretagne, France
2013 « 1M2 », Art en suite with Alain Coulange - Paris , France
2012 Catalogue, Um Gallery - Seoul, Korea
2012 Texte de Jean Louis Poiteven, France
2012 Texte de Yoon Jin Sup - Seoul, Corée du sud
2011 « Painting of Sookyoung LEE », Martin Schmitt, Allemagne
2010 Article, journal mensuel « Ekn news », Allemagne
2010 Article, Journal mensuel « Punggyeong » 06, Allemagne
2010 « The physicality of painting for Soo Kyoung LEE », Célia Charvet, France
2009 « Evidence of tableau », Jean marc Thommen, France
2009 Article, jouranl « Segye Il bo. », Corée du sud


2015 L’école primaire public - Ahis Mons, France
2014 Chungbuk University - Cheung ju, Corée du Sud
2014 Lycée polyvalent Anguier - Eu, Normandie, France
2013 Lycée Jean 23 - Yvetot, Normandie, France
2012 Source ( Art center ) - Normandie, France


2014 Lauréate de la Fondation Colas

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