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Gabriel Portolés

Born in: 1930


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One of the great and veteran artists is the Aragonese Gabriel Portolés, born in Jaca, and who from his childhood, in the middle of the idyllic landscapes of the Pyrenees of Huesca is shaping what he studied at the Llotja School, in Barcelona, specifically the drawing, and then the polychrome that he learned with Jordi Alumá. Throughout time it has been renewed, not only in the forms, which would be the most natural, but also in the materials, in the technical elements that it has used and that it uses, as that specialty that has made its own, the egg on board, expressive mode that began in the 60s and continues.

He has exhibited frequently, both in our country and in France, Germany and the United States, where his technique is highly appreciated, with which he obtains clean, soft lighting surfaces, with an impeccable realization, with shades and transparencies that touch the genius, and, of course, very personal, although the drawing, perfect in the form of execution, is based on the classics of the great centuries of painting.

Graceful female figures, ethereal, almost spiritual, with their slightly bluish flesh, powerful looks, elegant nudes at times, wide clothes on others, and backgrounds with natural elements, flowers or oriental rhythms. His works have a peculiar Baroque air, which is usually developed in successive overlays.

It also stands out in some balanced still lifes, careful in its composition in different planes, which allows to break down the color, in a very personal and almost unique way in this veteran artist.

All this allows him to reach a diction expressed with his own voice, sensitive lyricism and the proper doing of a teacher. His works are undoubtedly identifiable instantly and unrepeatable, because there is only one Gabriel Portolés.

Reaching environments of great sensitivity, as if the sun penetrated through the walls of an old cathedral through the bright and brightly colored glass. In these canvases stands out both the lyricism of a poet of the brushes and the master technique of a dominator of the language of forms and color.
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Gabriel Portolés, Máscara, Painting

Gabriel Portolés

Máscara, 2016
18.1 x 15 x 2 inch


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