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Igor Paliy

Born in: 1963 Ukraine

Igor Paliy

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Igor Paliy was born in Drogobych city in 1963. In 1980 he finished studies in the art academy in Stryi, Lviv region, Western Ukraine.

In 1986 he finished Lviv Polytechnic National University, faculty of architecture. After graduation, he started working in the area of art, painting, design and architecture.

From 1986 until 1992 Igor Paliy is working in art workshops of Yuzhno-Sahalinsk city (Sahalin region, Russia). He participates in different art projects, including architectural development of the city. In 1987 Igor is awarded with the 3rd place grant in design sphere as the author of the best interior design in the Far East region of RSFSR. In 1988 Igor is honoured a 3rd place diploma in the competition for the best political posters.

In 1992 Igor Paliy moves to Ukraine. In 1993 his first personal exhibition of canvas painting took place in the National State gallery. 1994 – the second personal exhibition in the same National State gallery. Meanwhile, a number of other personal exhibitions are happening in the countries of Western Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary. Igor participates in international art gatherings and collective art exhibitions in Ukraine.

The year 1995 becomes a break-through period for the artist. It starts with the personal exhibition in Paris, in the gallery “Art presant". In the same 1995, Igor cooperates with a number of international galleries in Poland, Krakow and Warsaw. In parallel, he actively exhibits in several other galleries, among which he participates in collective exhibitions in Nice (France), Koeln (Germany), Dijon (France), the USA, Luxemburg.

Since 2002 Igor Paliy starts working in the area of decorative metal. In 2004 he is honoured with a diploma in painting on canvas, at “Fall salon", Lviv city.

In 2016 artist's personal exhibition in Lviv takes place, in the gallery “Madam Palmgren". In 2017 he exhibits in Krakow, in the gallery “Szalom". He continues cooperation with the several galleries of Europe and Ukraine.

Artist's canvases are collected in numerous private and state-owned collections in almost every corner of the world. Being closely related to the aesthetic of symbolism, Igor Paliy forms his own art system. Using his special means of triggering visual perception, he is able to form a composition in an absolutely new way.

Personal stylistics of a painter helps to discover and indicate antic, bible plots and compositions of renaissance, which can be observed from  many different perspectives.

Nowadays Igor Paliy lives in Lviv city, works with canvas painting, decorative steel art and architectural design.

1987 – group exhibition works in Khabarovsk.

1988- group exhibition artist Sakhalin town Oxa.

1988- 3 rd prize in the competition of the best interior in the PSFSR Far Eastern region.

1988- 3rd prize in the competition  of political poster.

1992-personal exhibition works of painting at Lviv National art gallery.

1993-group exhibition in t.Verke Germany

1993-group exhibition association “Struy-ko"

1994-participation in the international plener “Maydan-94"

1994-group exhibition works of painting in Lviv.

1994-personal exhibition at Lviv National Art Gallery.

1995-participation at “BUDAPEST ART EXPO"

1996- collaboration with gallery “Kocjol Artystyczny" Krakiv

1996-participation at festival “EUROP'ART" Geneve.

1996-collaboration with gallery “Labirint" Krakiv.

1997-collaboration with gallery “KERSTEN" Krakiv.

1997- personal exhibition at “La galleria ART PRESENT" Paris

1997-collaboration with gallery “Marjana GOLOGURSKEGO" Krakiv.

1997-2000 –partisipation at AUKCJA WELKIEGO SERCA.

1997-personal exhibition at gallery KOCJOL ARTYSTYCZNY.

1998-collaboration with GALERIA STUKI. Katarzynu Napiorkowskiej.

1998- group exhibition in Dijon. France.

1999-exhibition of one work in  gallery “Kocjol artustuczny"

1999-personal exhibition. Gallery Likhtenshtein.

2000-group exhibition “Svit Ozor"

2001- group exhibition “Spring salon" Lviv.

2004-diploma at group exhibition “Autumn salon" Lviv.

2006-group exhibition in gallery “M. Gologurskego" Krakiv

2013- group exhibition in gallery “SZALOM"

2014- collaboration with “SZALOM" Krakiv

2016- personal exhibition in gallery “Madam Palmgren" Lviv

2017-group exhibition arists of Art Salon “Veles" m.Uzhhorod.

2017-personal exhibition in gallery “Szalom"

2017 – group exhibition - project “Art Integration" , Taras Shevchenko Art Museum, Beijing, China

2018 – group exhibition – project “Virtus", Art salon Veles, Lviv, Ukraine

2019 – group exhibition – project “Dream China", auction, Shanghai, China

2019 – solo exhibition “ …for home using", Art salon Veles, Lviv, Ukraine

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Igor Paliy, Riding a red dog, Painting

Igor Paliy

Riding a red dog, 2019
57.1 x 57.1 x 0.8 inch


Igor Paliy, Shindai ritual, Painting

Igor Paliy

Shindai ritual, 2018
39.4 x 51.2 x 0.8 inch


Igor Paliy, Winning module, Painting

Igor Paliy

Winning module, 2019
57.1 x 57.1 x 0.8 inch


Igor Paliy, Minotaur for home use, Painting

Igor Paliy

Minotaur for home use, 2019
39.4 x 51.2 x 0.8 inch


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