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Ruth Addinall

Born in: 1960

United Kingdom

Painter and sculptor, Ruth Addinall (Born in 1960) lives and works in Edinbourg, Scotland. When she was 20, she turned towards painting and studied in Paris at the Frinck School of Sculpture. A practical protean, the artist creates her pieces with oil paint on a canvas, wood, cardboard and paper..... her highly stylized style, far from realism, manages to depict with accuracy our inner reality. Ruth Addinall explores the complexity and the shades of ordinary life, and how we interact with it, in real life. More specifically, she depicts the specific rituals of our daily life, those which immerses us into the abysses of the soul: reading, writting, coffee and dreams..... she tries capturing the mood that envelops us in those moments, and manages to transmit all its preciousness and fragility. Grace emanates from its hollows. She perceives the complexity of the human being while he moves away from others to find himself. The artist confesses he is "caught up in what Max Beckmann describes as "a whimsical palace of art", a world of images and artifices. In her traits, the palace is from the inner self, a scape from reality, the exploration of new horizons. Ruth Addinall recurrently exhibits in the United Kingdom and abroad. His work has been the object of numerous commissions (BCC television, book covers, newspapers and private collections)
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Ruth Addinall, Cherries, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Cherries, 2015
43 x 23 x 2 inch


Ruth Addinall, Waxwing, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Waxwing, 2016
19 x 29 x 2 inch


Ruth Addinall, Woman and Cat, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Woman and Cat, 2016
37 x 24 x 2 inch


Ruth Addinall, Woman Reading, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Woman Reading, 2016
40 x 26 x 2 inch


Ruth Addinall, Au Balcon, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Au Balcon, 2016
43 x 23 x 2 inch


Ruth Addinall, Woman With Small Cup, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Woman With Small Cup, 2016
50 x 42 x 2 inch


Ruth Addinall, Anemones and Poppies, Painting

Ruth Addinall

Anemones and Poppies, 2016
23 x 27 x 2 inch

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