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Massimo Gammacurta

Born in: 1968

United States


Massimo Gammacurta was born in Rome, Italy; he has been influenced by futuristic art, culture of graffiti and the films of Fellini and Pasolini.

Trained at the School of Cinematographic Studies, Photography and Television in Rome, Gammacurta has brought the sensitivity of contemporary fine arts to the commercial sector. Recognized by his peers as a photographer of conceptual still lifes, not only does Massimo Gammacurta capture the objects with his camera, but he also creates them and brings them to life through his images.

He works firmly within the tradition of Duchamp's re-designation of function and material, or Oldenburg's sculptural material manipulation.

The Italian photographer proposes a collection that makes our mouth water by transforming the logos of major brands in delicious lolli-pops. A feast for the palate, but especially for the eyes!

He is based in New York City, where he is continually re-shaping, challenging and transgressing the boundaries of photography.

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  • American Artist

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