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Eric Zener

Born in: 1966

United States

Eric Zener is a photorealistic and self-taught artist born in 1966 in Astoria, USA.

Eric Zener is fascinated by water and more particularly by the interaction of men with this element. The artist discovered his passion for this element in 2003, while living in Spain on Costa Brava when he watched the swimmers. The ripples of the surface water, the movements of the swimmers, the colors and the unpredictable behaviors of the water captivated him.
He then began doing a collection of oil paintings portraying women performing in the aquatic world. Eager for new techniques, a little later he began another collection of compositions, where he covered a panel of wood with gold, silver and resin leaves, on which he then pasted digital photographs he painted.
Eric Zener's work highlights the immensity of the nature in which the human being evolves. The individual is alone, and experiences his vulnerability by admiring and communicating with the elements. The nonsense and the finitude of life impose itself on the spectator, who, traversed by a shudder, realizes suddenly the abyssal extent of his solitude.

Now internationally recognized, Eric Zener has participated in more than twenty-seven years of career to fifty personal exhibitions and to a hundred collective exhibitions. He has been rewarded many times and has succeeded in arousing the interest of many museums, religious institutions, businesses, international hotels and other private collectors.
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Eric Zener, Air, Photography

Eric Zener

Air, 2015
40.9 x 33.1 inch


Eric Zener, All the therapy you will ever need # 6, Drawing

Eric Zener

All the therapy you will ever need # 6, 2015
15 x 20.5 inch


Eric Zener, One, Painting

Eric Zener

One, 2008
59.8 x 70.1 inch


Our recommendations Eric Zener, Surfacing, Drawing

Eric Zener

Surfacing, 2014
31.9 x 40.9 inch


Eric Zener, Synchronicity, Drawing

Eric Zener

Synchronicity, 2014
15.4 x 20.5 inch


Eric Zener, Rejoining again # 2, Painting

Eric Zener

Rejoining again # 2, 2014
48 x 38.2 inch


Eric Zener, Under the brilliant light of summer, Painting

Eric Zener

Under the brilliant light of summer, 2014
48.8 x 59.8 inch


Eric Zener, All the therapy you will ever need # 10, Drawing

Eric Zener

All the therapy you will ever need # 10, 2015
10.6 x 20.5 inch


Eric Zener, Encompassed, Drawing

Eric Zener

Encompassed, 2014
40.2 x 29.9 inch


Eric Zener, Night portal, Painting

Eric Zener

Night portal, 2011
11.8 x 35.8 inch


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