California Art

What is California Art? As Americans started moving west during the 19th century, so, too, did artists. Artists flocked to California to depict the beauty of the uncharted territory to the rest of the country. The era of great landscape painting was crucial in the expansion of the art scene in California: the grandeur and beauty of the rugged Sierra Nevada, giant redwoods, and Yosemite Valley drew artists from the East Coast to join artists in the West.

However, it wasn't until the post-war period when the state became internationally recognized for the art it was producing. The period saw a revival of landscape painting and appreciation for the American wilderness during the 1960s and 1970s, triggered by a rapid development of the state. California is also associated with the Bay Area Figurative art movement, which was born out of a rejection of the Abstract Expressionist movement, and the Light and Space Movement, a type of minimalism related to optical art, that focused on how the use of light affects a viewer's perception of landscape.

Many incredible artists associate themselves with the state of California: James Turell, Larry Bell, John Baldessari and Craig Kauffman are few among the many. Discover Artsper's selection of California Art by these incredible artists that will transport you straight to the sunshine state! 

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