Born in 1976 in Estonia, Angelika Kollin is a photographer based in Tampa, United States, who has established herself as a leading voice in fine art and documentary photography. This self-taught artist strives to capture the essence of human relationships and intimacy through the lens of her camera. His works explore different themes, notably loneliness and suffering, as well as the therapeutic aspects of spirituality. During her eight years spent in Africa, in Ghana, Namibia and South Africa, she explored the recurring themes of her art through the prism of cultural and sociological diversity. This exploration notably reinforces his conviction that parental relationships have a profound impact on the development of the individual. His work has been published in many renowned media outlets, including CNN, The Guardian, The Greif, Scientific American, Musée Magazine, PhotoVogue and F-Stop Magazine. The artist has received numerous awards. Recently, she distinguished herself as winner of the BarTur Award Founders Choice 2023 in the Faces of humanity category.

With her intimate photographic work, Angelika Kollin explores her relationship to femininity and her own existence as a woman. Her approach to her subjects presents a very interesting case of “female gaze", this feminine gaze which is constructed in opposition to the “male gaze" which characterizes a large part of artistic creation, created by and for a male audience. Talking about male gaze today is not only a denunciation, but also - and above all - an invitation to produce another visual culture, an artistic creation freed from monolithic conventions, capable of freeing the gaze of the lens. Angelika's photographs are characterized by their honesty and candor, which she skillfully balances with an aura of intimate emotions and graceful dignity. Much of his work focuses on making visible the invisible in our societies, from the naked body of a very old woman on the verge of death, to raw but tender portraits of domestic workers in Cape Town. Photograph after photograph, Angelika Kollin immerses herself in the search for the essence of her models, seeking to reveal their deep personality, freed from masks and social conventions. It is with great tenderness that his photographer's eye pierces their social shell.

In “Flight of a dove", Angelika Kollin opens up for the first time to the exploration of sensuality and human sexuality through the portrait of two young women. This photo session proved disturbing for the artist which saw an instant chemistry between these two women who met for the first time. Their predisposition to be vulnerable towards each other helped shape this image that was both sweet and tender, despite the rugged terrain. and stormy weather In this ode to painting from a century ago, Angelika Kollin focused solely on capturing the comfort or discomfort expressed with regard to intimacy when we are so physically close to each other. a stranger An experience which proved to be both beautiful and touching for the artist who expresses his desire to treat this subject again in a future series. The work has already been rewarded in 2020 with the bronze medal. the “Fine Art / Nudes" category at the Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA).

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Photography, Flight of a Dove, Angelika Kollin

Flight of a Dove

Angelika Kollin

Photography - 47.3 x 72 x 0.3 cm Photography - 18.6 x 28.3 x 0.1 inch


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The year of birth of the artist is: 1976