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France Born in: 1972
If the freight stays his favorite playground and he is recognized to be an exceptional performer, Shuck2 favors today a more personal work related to painting.

His art lies in his capacity to deconstruct the letters, a practice based on his capacity to give letters a new and hard-hitting dimension all the while preserving the harmony and the balance of the final rendering.

Recognized to be a precursor of the graffiti in Arabic (his first sketches were made in 1995), he explores today the new possibilities of this alphabet. The signs, a material that can be deformed to the artist's whim, to the point of drawing a picture from them, allow him to give his work a singular dimension. This exercise in modern calligraphy goes off the beaten track and offers him a perspective for evolution explored during his various journeys in the Middle East.

If he considers that it is necessary to give the artist the freedom to move forward, he recognizes very gladly that paradoxically, working within the limits of a commission allows him to evolve by working to fit other people's opinions.

Thanks to his twenty-year experience, Shuck2 has found today the balance between his subversive urban creations and his in-depth study and of lettering.
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Shuck2, Made In Paris, Painting


Made In Paris, 2015
14.6 x 25.4 x 0.4 inch


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