Le Moon is an IA artist based in Nice (France). Her artistic approach is based on memories, fears and dreams. She has a passion for images and film, and attended a school where she studied art history, graphic design, photography and more. These facets of her culture are reflected in her art today.

Le Moon discovers artificial intelligence after a burn-out and is immediately totally fascinated by it. She found it to be an accessible means of realizing her dream of creating images, which had previously seemed out of reach. But more than that, she found an outlet, a space of freedom where anything is possible, a place where expression is king, and where it's all about finding the right words to create the image that's as close as possible to her thoughts.

After testing several artificial intelligence programs, Le Moon found the aesthetic she was looking for in Midjourney. An aesthetic that actively participates in the atmosphere of horror, weirdness and strangeness she wishes to produce, and that perfectly suits her creative process and artistic intent. She finds in artificial intelligence, and in Midjourney in particular, a rendering akin to that of memory or dreams, an image distorted by external elements. She finds beauty in mistakes. The artist creates prompts that refine her direction in the ocean that is artificial intelligence and, thanks to her precision, creates a stylistic unity in her work that makes it easy to recognize a thoughtful work of art created by her own hand.

Le Moon deals with fear and anxiety, and all her series deal with aspects of her life and her own reflections, with a hint of humor. The "MOTHERHOOD" and "BURN-OUT" series, for example, are about exorcising and reflecting on specific periods in her life, her fears and anxieties. Artificial intelligence gives her access to a subconscious, a collective memory of those subjects that we experience alone, but that everyone experiences together.

The Moon creates memories, or at least revives them through the photographic fragments it preserves. These memories can be seen in the "FRENCH RIVIERA" series. She provides the artificial intelligence with her childhood photographs, which contain fragments of her memories, to incorporate the feeling and perception she has of them today. As memory is distorted and biased by time and feelings, Le Moon attempts to transcribe this dissonance between the fragment and her current emotion-remembering through the intermediary of artificial intelligence. This process allows us to see the deformation of the memory by our unconscious, what it retains and the nostalgia we feel for it. The afterimages take on the appearance of dreams or nightmares, surreal scenes of dogs flying through the sky and the sea bursting into flames.

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Print, Summer Memories, Le Moon

Summer Memories

Le Moon

Print - 30 x 30 x 0.3 cm Print - 11.8 x 11.8 x 0.1 inch


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The year of birth of the artist is: 1985