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Jean Suzanne

France Born in: 1938
Jean was born in 1938 in Bois-Colombes (near Paris, France), he lives and works in Puylaroque (France)

The innate power of Jean Suzanne’s sculpture is drawn from its relationship with space. Fundamentally abstract, in rejecting the purely figurative which he deems to be too restrictive in its imitation, his sculpture achieves a universality by the power of the original emotion which Jean Suzanne manages to extract from recuperated materials into which he breathes new life.

For Jean Suzanne, the adventure began thirty five years ago and has continued since 1975 in the innermost confines of his studio established in the Quercy (South west of France). If he employs contemporary materials, he shares the path of the great classicists by the monumental character of his sculptures in which a rigorous geometry organizes the intermediary planes between which independent spaces can be divined.
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Oreille 1a, 2019
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Louis Montanaro (Falcone), Taureau, Sculpture

Louis Montanaro (Falcone)

Taureau, 2018
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Yuval Shaul, Black Submarine, Sculpture

Yuval Shaul

Black Submarine, 2009
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