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Barbara Morin

France Born in: 1967

Barbara Morin, soul-seeking painter

Barbara Morin is a soul seeking painter who speaks to our hearts.

The artist lives in Annecy. Its German-French origins give it the richness of a double culture.

Creator since childhood, Barbara reveals in her works a world where energy is palpable, delicate sensitivity precise almost intrusive.

The artist paints with multiple influences but without linking the contours of his canvases to a defined style.

Its subject is humans; characters or series of portraits based on different themes: Childhood, Origins, Princes and Princesses ... Characters from here or elsewhere ...

His characters are revealed in a staging between wandering and dreaming, in a surreal and singular atmosphere. They often look at the viewer, sometimes head-on, often in the background. Their presence seems much earlier, their paths speak to us. There are mouths that want to laugh, sufferings that would like to smile, human stories, childhood dreams.

Childhood lives in all its characters, in animals, in musical instruments, in objects and attributes. Childhood becomes the material, the color, the expression of the works.

Barbara's painting speaks of humanity and origins. The characters are dented, flayed, melancholy but alive. She also speaks of king children, new children, children inhabited by the world.

We can guess melancholy, sadness will only be a fleeting impression quickly swept away by the color of the fabrics. Colors are applied like an ointment, from blue to pink to yellow to pastels that dot the collages and the painting with a lively and warm emotion.

Color plays an essential role in the construction of paintings. It seems to be there to soften suffering, transform faults into strength and give an impression of velvet.

The artist plays with drips and stains, the productions of chance, to keep imperfections like a treasure.

His work is there, instinctive, expressive and singular.

- Marie Cianni

The imagination of childhood

Presenting Barbara Morin's artistic work is a delicate task, as her approach upsets the usual codes. How to qualify his so particular style which cannot leave indifferent in what he proposes probable representations linked to the imagination of childhood.

Brut art in what the canvases refer to as a process of instinctual creation, necessary and primordial, in a self-taught quest to show what cannot be said.

Contemporary primitive art, in the noble sense of the primitive arts, in that it reflects the diversity of the world, the universality of feelings and the singularity of emotions.

Barbara offers us a special encounter in her universe of colors and shapes to evoke the plurality of our human condition, and more particularly that of women, in what it supposes of multiplicity. In her own way, Barbara invites us to take an offbeat look, evocative of lived states, loaded with signs where the meaning comes back to everyone.

So let us be surprised by this unfinished, creative and plural artistic approach.

- Philippe

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