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Lyès-Olivier Sidhoum

France Born in: 1978

Lyès discovered graffiti at the age of 11 on the streets of Lyon, France. In 1989, graffiti was a new kind of art: sophisticated, almost surrealistic, and linked to hip-hop and music.

At the age of 18, Lyès decided to live out his passion as an independent artist. He and his wife lived in New-York for 2 years and then moved on to Hong-Kong for 9 years. The artist developed his work through experience traveling, inspiration from meeting other creatives, and attending expositions all over the world. During this period of time, he has been recognized for more than 400 projects all over the world, he has completed for large companies. His work is also among many prestigious art collections.

The works you are discovering at Markowicz Fine Art are known as the "Source" project. To Lyès, "Source" ultimately celebrates life. "It is the energy that constitutes reality, which today retains a part of the mystery and almost becomes spirituality in a sense". The artist meditates frequently and that's typically when the images of his works come to him, during those moments of peace.

The technology Lyès uses is a high-tech process of fine art archival printing that stops 99.9% of UV rays, through an encapsulation. The colors last over time, we can guarantee them for 100 years. "Source" is a collection of works that search for a definition of purity, balance and perfection.

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Lyès-Olivier Sidhoum, Holly Montain, Sculpture

Lyès-Olivier Sidhoum

Holly Montain, 2020
39.9 x 39.9 x 1 inch


Lyès-Olivier Sidhoum, Celestial Invitation, Sculpture

Lyès-Olivier Sidhoum

Celestial Invitation, 2020
39.3 x 98.4 x 1 inch


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