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Romano Zanotti

Italy Born in: 1934

Born in Moiodella Civitella, in the provence of Salerno (Italy) in 1934, Romano Zanotti began his artistic career in 1954. For more than 15 years he was permanently exhibited in the Gallery Denise Rene, as one of the leaders of the Kinetic movement with Vasarely, Agam and Soto.

Zanotti belongs to this spiritual family directed towards synthesis. Clarity of style, severity of construction, obsession with each gesture, and chromatic variations are combined with the grace of the composition.

Zanotti is influenced by the theme of veritable reality in painting and sculpture. He paints the canvas with infinite patience and, to him, painting is the space for illusion. He aims to reach the 'pure form', which hides behind the accidental appearance and the ephemeral perception of objects. He also strives to depict the 'true nature' of things. It is not enough for him to construct an ideal form; it is essential to acknowledge its appearance

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Romano Zanotti, Développement à partir du carré et de ses actions, Fine Art Drawings

Romano Zanotti

Développement à partir du carré et de ses actions, 1978
25.6 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch
Fine Art Drawings


Romano Zanotti, Bleu outremer, Painting

Romano Zanotti

Bleu outremer, 1999
11.8 x 17.3 x 0.1 inch


Romano Zanotti, Sans titre, Fine Art Drawings

Romano Zanotti

Sans titre, 1979
25.6 x 19.7 x 0.1 inch
Fine Art Drawings


Romano Zanotti, Spazio fratturato, Painting

Romano Zanotti

Spazio fratturato, 2015
23.6 x 23.6 x 1.2 inch


Romano Zanotti, Optical Orange, Painting

Romano Zanotti

Optical Orange, 1967
63.8 x 44.9 x 1.6 inch


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