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Walter and Zoniel

United Kingdom

Walter and Zoniel are collaborating and exhibiting internationally and represented by MTArt. Multidisciplinary in their practice, they work with a variety of mediums one of which being the production of interactive and socially engaging installations/performances.

Both Walter and Zoniel have practised art since childhood. Walter was born and raised in the heart of London. The urban landscape was his favourite and most comfortable domain where he would create installations in the street. Wandering the concrete complexes of his locality at night and responding to the terrain and the mentalities that he came across, he would create pieces to inspire thought within his peers placing them publicly to be stumbled across in the day.  Inspired by the workings of the universe he focused his interests in the studies of science and Nebular theory (this theory explains the formation and evolution of the Solar System) before teaching himself photography.

The central themes to their work come from a meditation upon our existence and reflection of the intricacies of the relationships we have with each other and with the natural world around us. Their work visually charms and entices the viewer into thought and becoming present in the moment. Dealing predominantly with the human condition whilst evoking a relationship and questioning between all the elements involved.  Often utilising the tools of nature, surrealism and fun they are able to captivate audiences and inspire them to engage with the artwork. The meditative aspect of their practice allows access to a deeper exploration and experience for all.

The unique nature of Walter and Zoniel's work often requires them to build the tools needed in order to create their artworks. The artists have created various cameras that they use to capture their photographs (discover their cameras in the Project section).

Their public installation works include performance-practice installation at Tate Britain, Somerset House, Photo London, and site-specific public installations in Miami, San Fransisco, London, Liverpool and Durham. They have been commissioned by multiple national and international art festivals, fairs, biennials and galleries. Their work has been acquired by the National Art collection and the National Portrait Gallery collection. They have also recently been nominated for the Prix Pictet 2021.

“The very nature of creating art is a journey towards a visualisation of something that does not yet exist. An artist's role is to see past the present into that which you wish to create. In a way, MTArt Agency is echoing this in a business context within the art world. The agency is forging a new way of supporting artists to enable us to create our visions. Support and understanding of the artists' perspective is essential to the development of great art. Art is not about the present moment, it is about the future, connecting and uplifting people through the essential forces of a dream.

We are also believers that art is for everybody, so creating art in the public domain helps us realise the accessibility we dream for everyone to have.

MTArt Agency has made some strong moves in enabling public artworks. They have set forth a creative, ethical, eco B Corp, cherry-picked incredible entrepreneurial talents along the way, to formulate a new model to support artists to realise our dreams. Dynamism, support, utilising technological advancement is the new guard of the art world. These are things we believe in and are excited to join forces with an agency that celebrates them too."

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Few works remaining by Walter and Zoniel

These are the last remaining works by Walter and Zoniel.
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Walter and Zoniel, Toki-3-Em/n (The Knot of Future), Photography

Walter and Zoniel

Toki-3-Em/n (The Knot of Future), 2014
39.4 x 55.1 x 2 inch


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