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Gary Tolomei

United States

Artist Statement

I never planned to be a painter. I fell in love with painting when I accidentally enrolled in a beginning painting class in college, and I've been painting ever since.

At first, the work was mostly technical, in a strictly realistic style. But after several years, this mode of working proved to be very unsatisfying.

A two year lull ensued in which I experimented with other media until returning to my first love.

The work of painting gradually matured to what it is today; a coalescence and distillation of the various interests and pursuits, experiences and responses that occur while going about the business of my little life.

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Gary Tolomei, The “Potsie” Conspiracy, Painting

Gary Tolomei

The “Potsie” Conspiracy, 1999
51 x 81 x 2 inch


Gary Tolomei, Single Girl, Married Girl (for Sigmar), Painting

Gary Tolomei

Single Girl, Married Girl (for Sigmar), 2010
34 x 72 x 2 inch


Gary Tolomei, Angel of the Future, Painting

Gary Tolomei

Angel of the Future, 2001
72 x 96 x 2 inch


Gary Tolomei, Bella Fortuna, Painting

Gary Tolomei

Bella Fortuna, 2009
42 x 72 x 2 inch


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