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Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye

Born in: 1938


Originally from Turkey, Alev Siesbye spent some time in Germany, then lived in Denmark before moving to Paris in 1987. With this cosmopolitan background, she leads a brilliant international career as a ceramic artist; a life dedicated to one of the most ancient ceramic traditions inherited from ancient civilizations: the art of making a bowl. She went from East to West, soaking up different cultures, managing to catch onto exoticism and syncretism, without straying away from her aesthetic quest.

Since 1960, she's been creating bowls.

A deceptive simple looking container but with monumental inspiration, just like Giorgio Morandi.

For forty years, Alev has managed to offer a perfect shaped bowl, synonymous with simple and sophisticated, "I might have lost my innocence, but at heart, I'm still a child".

Alev Siesbye has always shown a preference for working with high temperature fired glazes, a technique she learned to master in Denmark. Her favorite color is blue as it's fresh and soothing, transparent and clear, like the vast expanses of turquoise water of the Bosphorus that marked her childhood. She still remembers this and is touched by this memory.

If minimalism, technical mastery and classicism define Alev, they are also the characteristics of Danish ceramics and have been successfully developed by cultures born in the lands of Anatolia during the Neolithic, Greek, Roman and Ottoman times. "This is where the true source of my emotional and cultural heritage lies" says the artist.

She also uses many decorative techniques which are different for the traditional sandstone. The patterns and designs aren't put on the surface of the enamel but are engraved inside it, with the help of wax through the "cuerda seca" technique developed in Persia during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Alev is attached to the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek and Anatolian art, not just culturally but also emotionally, as she's constantly looking for timelessness and permanence, a continuity, memory, which actually hides the need to capture this ultimate essence also known as eternity. The immaculate presence of Alev's bowls are derived from the same notion.
Silent bowls destined for a mystical meditation, they give out the same unshakeable vibration which unites the present moment with eternity.
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