On Film

Despite the technological advances in the field of photography, many fine art photographers still choose to work with light-sensitive film to create images. Film photography has its challenges and can be more unpredictable than digital photography, so why do so many continue to choose it as their preferred medium? 

Film photography is the original mode of photography, being used by creators to capture images since the late 19th century. This history often gives images produced on film a sense of nostalgia, nodding to past eras. In the modern age, this return to the analog is present in various fields, signifying a desire to revive pre-digital modes of art, communication and production. The quality of film photographs can also be very different to that of digital photographs, depending on the type of camera and film used. The grainy texture that is associated with film photography is often imitated digitally to produce the same effect. In addition, for some artists, the element of chance that comes with film photography is appealing in itself. The medium's unpredictability means creators have to work closely with it and learn the intricacies of how it works. 

While often seen as more restrictive than digital photography, many contemporary artists are using film to produce works that push the boundaries of the medium. Artists like Linda Tuloup and Gabriel Dia play with light, color, texture and form, creating unique visual languages that blend reality with the abstract and surreal. Join Artsper to discover our selection of fine art photographers working in the medium of film today!

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