Infinite Footprints- (IV), 2021

by Esther Medir

Painting : ink 39.4 x 27.6 x 0 inch


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Esther Medir, Infinite Footprints- (IV)

About the artwork


Unique work


Hand-signed by artist


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Dimensions cm inch

39.4 x 27.6 x 0 inch Height x Width x Depth


Not framed

Artwork sold in perfect condition

Origin: Spain

Following the line, sometimes strong, sometimes faint, vulnerable, homogeneous, discontinuous, would be like entering into the pulse of life of the human being, who follows a path and who is affected by things; it is movement itself. Sensitivity and vulnerability beyond the boundaries of understanding.

The solidity of the rectangular band of colour stands in contrast to the line. That which is on the other side. This is the world outside of us, that parallel world which is sometimes warm, sometimes inhospitable and on entering gives the viewer vertigo.
It represents silence and the presence of the infinite, which can evoke spiritual states present in us all. The duality from which the human condition cannot escape and which, in some way, leads us to continue searching for meaning, our destiny, a goal.
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Esther Medir

Esther Medir

Spain • Born in: 1972


Spanish artists

Extracting elements from a concrete idea and then letting part of my emotional and intellectual thoughts flow through them is how I express myself. I understand creativity as diverse connections expressed by line, stain and colour. I am fascinated by the way a line and a spot of colour or matter are incorporated into the space on the paper, and with the variations that this involves. I am inspired by nature as a continuum, its horizons, atmospheres, light …. Geology in the widest sense, going from the global to the specific, from the cosmos to the rock with its veins. I am also inspired by philosophy, and botany seen as a science with a spiritual load. Etching inspired me because it is a technique which has its own rules, where the result is often uncertain. This magical and unexpected part of the procedure means the emotion nearly always exceeds the rational idea. The smell of the ink, the textures of the paper and the plates covered in ink give it a special charm. Working directly on the metal plate, dry point with its velvety strokes means the process is almost infinite, because with every repetition, new questions, doubts and nuances need to be resolved.

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